, Su Jianan hated it when others touched her. She stomped on Shao Mingzhong’s foot with her delicate heels that moved swiftly and said, “Don’t. Touch. Me!”, She had actually been very forceful. Shao Mingzhong felt an intense pain but did not yell out in pain in order to save himself from embarrassment. He could only hold it in until his features beneath his mask were all twisted. His blade slid across Su Jianan’s throat and he said, “Do you want to die?”, “Calm down. What can you use to threaten Lu Boyan if I die?”, Su Jianan smiled lightly. She moved her hand which was by her side…, The kidnapper was speechless. He could only yell at Lu Boyan once more, “Lu Boyan, I’ll give you five minutes. Make a choice!”, Lu Boyan stared at Su Jianan deeply. Everyone thought that he would choose Su Jianan., “Let Ruoxi go.”, Many people doubted their own ears when they heard his answer. However, Han Ruoxi was really let go, unharmed. Then, they pitied Su Jianan., However, they were surprised that Su Jianan was calm throughout, as if she knew long ago that Lu Boyan would give her up., Ah, she is indeed a woman who could become a medical examiner., Shao Mingzhong smiled, as if he was very satisfied with Lu Boyan’s choice. He called Shao Mingren over and they quickly left the banquet hall with Su Jianan., The guests in the banquet hall all started discussing the matter, their nerves still not yet abated. Han Ruoxi stumbled toward Lu Boyan., “Boyan.” Her voice trembled slightly. She tried to hold Lu Boyan’s arm as if she were trying to find support., “Find someone to send you home.”, Lu Boyan’s gaze remained at where Su Jianan had been brought away. With that, he attempted to leave., “Don’t go!” Han Ruoxi caught his hand just in time. “The two of them were here for you. It’s too dangerous. Can you just leave it to the police?”, Lu Boyan glanced at Han Ruoxi and then pulled his hand away and chased after Su Jianan., Han Ruoxi stayed at where she was dazedly, watching Lu Boyan’s back., If she had not seen wrongly earlier, there was anxiety in Lu Boyan’s eyes., Didn’t he say that he did not care for Su Jianan? Didn’t he say that they were getting married just to make his mother happy? Why was he anxious over her?, Everyone thought that Lu Boyan had chosen Han Ruoxi in a time of danger. Yet, they did not know that Han Ruoxi would rather be given up by Lu Boyan. Then, the person he was chasing after right now would be her…, Outside the banquet hall, Lu Boyan called Shen Yuechuan the moment he entered the elevator., Much time had passed since the incident. Shen Yuechuan should long have received a call from the hotel and began his investigation., Indeed, when his call passed through, Shen Yuechuan said, “The Brothers of Shao left from the basement carpark. I’ve already gotten someone to watch them. Follow in your car. I’ll take people to meet up with you.”, Lu Boyan got his car and followed the directions Shen Yuechuan sent, racing after the Brothers of Shao. His face was so dark and cold, it was as if a storm was brewing., They had dared to lay their hands on Su Jianan. It was doubtless that they were seeking their death!, On the other side, Shen Yuechuan quickly got an ace team that happened to be on the mission in A City. When the captain of the team heard that their opponents were a pair of brothers of a small bankrupted company, he cussed and said, “The police can handle such small fry. Why do you need us?”, “We can’t call the cops.” Shen Yuechuan said. “Your sister-in-law doesn’t want the people in the police station to know that she’s Mrs. Lu. Furthermore, Boss brought you guys to A City…”, The captain’s expression was floored. “It was so we can handle such sudden and small situations and protect little sister-in-law?!”, “Yep.”, The captain and his members finally understood why they have been handling small missions in A City and its surrounding areas. He felt like crying. “Didn’t he say they would divorce in two years? Why is he putting his heart and soul in such a short marriage? He should just put in his kidneys!”, Shen Yuechuan harrumphed. Then, he sighed and said, “You people fight and kill all day long. What would you know?”, Even he could not understand what Lu Boyan wanted to do., The Brothers of Shao were equally confused., They had kidnapped Su Jianan, but why did it seem that… they were the ones who had their hands and legs tied up and were lying on the ground!, 20 minutes earlier., The Brothers of Shao brought Su Jianan to the remote countryside. Shao Mingren bought fast food from downstairs while Shao Mingzhong brought Su Jianan upstairs to the shabby condo., Shao Mingzhong said with hatred, “We used to live in a high-class apartment in the city center. But because of Lu Boyan, we can only stay here now!”, “Did Lu Boyan rob you?” Su Jianan asked., “A few months ago, we gambled our entire company, and competed with Lu Boyan. In the end…” They lost all their money in the end., Shao Mingzhong could not bear to recall what had happened., Su Jianan blinked. “Then you can only blame yourselves for not being as skilled. The main point is your skills, and not the other person, alright? You can stand up from where you fell. Instead, you guys went to kidnap me. Did you guys get your focus wrong?”, They were no match for Lu Boyan. This was a wound of Shao Mingzhong. Su Jianan’s words were doubtlessly jabbing at them., He pressed Su Jianan onto a chair viciously and tied up her hands. “Sit down. I’ll let Lu Boyan have a taste of what it’s like to lose something!”, Su Jianan did not struggle. Instead, she smiled. Shao Mingzhong was too naive. Lu Boyan did not care about her. What kind of feelings would he have if he lost her?, They seemed as if they could never figure out the main point of the issue. However, she did not wish to tell Shao Mingzhong these things., “Shao Mingzhong. Do you know what I do?” She asked., “Didn’t you marry Lu Boyan? Do you still need to work?”, “Who told you that women don’t need to work after marrying into a wealthy family?” Su Jianan said with a smile. She continued, “I’m a medical examiner specially engaged by the city police force. I work with dead people every day. For example, if you, unfortunately, become a corpse, I will cut open your chest and remove your organs. Or I might take some things out from your organs and analyze why you died…”, Shao Mingzhong felt more and more uncomfortable as he listened to her. However, he did not want to let Su Jianan know that she had scared him. He lit a cigarette to bolster his courage., “You look so well-practiced smoking. You must have smoked for more than 10 years. Do you know how your lungs look like right now?” Su Jianan described vividly. “They are filled with black spots, as if they were mouldy.”, Shao Mingzhong felt his scalp going numb. He put out his cigarette viciously and glared at Su Jianan, “What exactly do you want to say!”, “Let me go.” Su Jianan said. “Even though I am not in the roll, I am almost a civil servant. Do you know that the consequences of kidnapping me are more serious than kidnapping Han Ruoxi?”, “Ah, you have quite the smart mouth.” Shao Mingzhong took off his shirt and approached her dangerously. “I want to see how impressive you are.”, He placed his hands on the handles on both sides of the chair and leaned into Su Jianan. The color in his eyes grew darker as he said, “I just realized that you are not weaker than Han Ruoxi. Lu Boyan is really lucky.”, Su Jianan smiled and lifted her leg viciously. Her heels stabbed Shao Mingzhong’s crotch forcefully., “Ah!”, It was a thousand times more painful than when she stepped on him. Shao Mingzhong was in so much pain that not only his features were twisted. His howl could almost cause the roof to collapse., Su Jianan took advantage of Shao Mingzhong’s inability to get up for the time being and quickly undid the ropes on her hands. Then, she tied up Shao Mingzhong., Shao Mingzhong looked at Su Jianan incredulously as she moved swiftly. How was this possible? He had tied her up firmly. How did Su Jianan undo the ropes?, “I learned how to tie knots in the police station. Your method of tying is too simple. You don’t even need to use your brains to undo them.” Su Jianan took out clear tape and sealed Shao Mingzhong’s mouth. Then, she tied up his legs. She then took a wooden rod and hid behind the door, waiting for Shao Mingren to return., “Mmph… mmph… mmph…” Shao Mingzhong curled up on the floor, anxious., Shao Mingren quickly brought back three boxes of takeaway. However, he was surprised to find his older brother lying on the floor with his hands and legs tied up. He quickly tossed the takeaway away and rushed toward him. “Brother, what happened? Where’s Su Jianan!”, “Mmph! Mmph!” Shao Mingzhong tried valiantly to use his eyes to tell his brother to mind his back. However, it was too late by the time Shao Mingren reacted., “Crash.” Su Jianan’s wooden rod landed forcefully., Shao Mingren felt a wave of pain behind his neck. And then, he fell onto the ground and lost consciousness., Shao Mingzhong closed his eyes. They were screwed. They had provoked a little monster in rabbit’s clothing.

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