, It was not until a while later that Su Jianan dropped off the phone. She drifted into the kitchen confusedly and took the food materials which would be utilized out from the refrigerator. Rolling her sleeves up, she began to deal with these food materials., Uncle Xu told Lu Boyan that Su Jianan was in the kitchen. He walked to the door of the kitchen questioningly and saw Su Jianan processing a chub., “Bang”! Beating the chub to faintness nimbly, she cleared off the scales carefully, cut open the side face and took out the visceral. Via a few cuts, she separated the head and the tail, also the fish bones and the fish flesh successfully. The entire set of motion was natural and spontaneous. It was possible that the fish-mongers in the market could not beat her when it came to the nimbleness., After that, she cut the fish flesh into the thin fillet, putting the left head, tail and fishbone into a small clean bowl for backup., From beginning to end, her small and white-skinned face was filled with peacefulness and earnestness. She acted carefully and neatly as if she were carrying out some important task. While looking at her, instead of associating her with “bloodiness” this word, he thought… this little girl was actually pretty attractive when she began acting conscientiously., It was not after Su Jianan was done with the pickled fish fillet that she noticed Lu Boyan’s presence. As soon as she randomly glanced back, she saw him standing at the kitchen door relaxingly and happily. Miraculously, his gaze was not as indifferent as before., However, this world was actually that unfair. How could there exist someone who would still show an aura of gorgeousness and indolence via just standing there casually?, In order not to betray her accelerating heart beating, Su Jianan said solemnly, “Wait, rest assured that your tongue will definitely get an unprecedented treat!”, Lu Boyan raised his brow. He had thought Su Jianan would give other parts of his body a treat., “Let’s make a deal at first. If I am not content, then it does not count.” He replied., “Of course you will not be content.” Su Jianan smiled brightly, “You will only be—EXTREMELY CONTENT!, Besides professional knowledge, Su Jianan was most confident in her own skill of cooking., Lu Boyan quirked up the corners of his mouth. The sense of expectation lurked in his heart., One hour later, Su Jianan finally got the dinner ready., A pot of Boiled Fish, a plate of Fried Sliced Pork with Black Fungus, a plate of Shredded Cabbage, two cups of Scallop and Mushroom Soup., All the dishes were just ordinary home-cooked meals. For the Boiled Fish, this dish sent out the fresh fragrance exclusive to marine fish. The white and tender fish flesh crooked a bit, which showed how fresh the fish flesh would be. It could be seen that the taste would definitely be smooth, tender and tight. The light green parsley and the bloody red cherry pepper were embellished on top, which made a strong color contrast to the creamy white fish soup. The look of Boiled Fish was pretty amazing. While for the other two dishes, they were somewhat mild and delicate. However, they were also colorful, aromatic and delicious, which would greatly arouse people’s appetite., “Let’s eat”. Su Jianan put down her rolled-up sleeves and was highly confident., Lu Boyan had a sip of the Scallop and Mushroom Soup which was of strongly fresh fragrance. And it tasted just perfect., It was more delicious than he had imagined., Su Jianan sat on the opposite side of him and looked at him while biting the chopsticks, anticipation spreading all over her face. He closed his mouth tightly and responded: “The soup was great.”, Knowing Lu Boyan had got a picky taste, Su Jianan got a great sense of accomplishment upon hearing him saying that. She passed him a piece of Boiled Fish smoothly and said, “The chef said that it was a marine fish which had been freshly caught. It was fresh and the fish flesh tasted good., Actually not only did Lu Boyan have a picky taste, but also he got mysophobia. So he never ate the dish passed over by other people., The fillet in the plate was crystal shiny., , he instead thought of the look of Su Jianan biting the chopsticks a moment ago. The exquisitely-crafted porcelain chopsticks which were bitten by her delicate teeth and touched by her tongue point stuck tightly with her soft-pinky lip… For the fillet she passed over, he should have disfavored it., But deep inside his heart… he did not hold the sense of rejection at all., Su Jianan was also confused. Over these past days, she had always been serving out soup and porridge for Lu Boyan. Once a use, forever a custom. She passed him over the dish hastily, which should have been disfavored by the sort of person like him., She reached her chopsticks over embarrassingly, intending to retrieve the fillet, all of a sudden—, “Bang—”, Her chopsticks were stuck by those of Lu Boyan’s., “You actually want to retrieve something you have already passed over to other people?” Fetching up the fillet, Lu Boyan put it leisurely into his mouth. The motion of his chewing looked elegant and enchanting., Su Jianan looked at him confusedly and asked: “Lu, Lu Boyan, it is that…there is my…on my chopsticks.”, “Saliva?” Lu Boyan raised the corner of his mouth as if he were doing some charity and replied, “I don’t mind.”, Out of nowhere, Su Jianan’s heartbeat which just calmed down started to accelerate all of a sudden., Why didn’t he care? Only people who were close to each other would not give a damn about it. But they… were only a couple who were playing their roles., But, it might be possible that because the fillet she had cooked was very delicious., Su Jianan was greatly relieved at the thought and she continued her own dinner happily., Uncle Xu stood beside and watched, smilingly slightly–For the dishes passed over by Old Madam, Lu Boyan even finished them reluctantly, however, he actually finished the dishes passed over by Su Jianan. He definitely should tell Old Madam that!, After finishing this meal, Lu Boyan indescribably got the sense of “satisfaction” and “enjoyment”., Moreover, he found out that the sense of satisfaction was not that bad., Su Jianan gazed at Lu Boyan expectantly: “How is it, does this enjoyment count or not?”, “If you promise that you will be in charge of all the dinner in following days, then it does count.”, Lu Boyan sat there leisurely. However, his posture was one which could get hold of the whole situation., “Then wouldn’t it mean that you would enjoy yourselves by multiple times?” Su Jianan shook her head resolutely, “I refuse it.”, She then added another line after some pause: “unless I will be paid.”, Lu Boyan was somewhat surprised: “Do you lack money?”, “My annual salary is just one hundred thousand. You have thought I am rich?”, The time when she was at college, it was exactly at a time when Su Yicheng was having the most difficulties. She was always trying not to spend Su Yicheng’s money. After her graduation, she already had formed this habit and she even refused Su Yicheng’s funding completely. She could only afford her daily spending with her moderate salary. Recently she laid her eye on a camera lens which would cost her eight months’ salary. She was just in short of money., Lu Boyan quirked up the corner of his mouth and presented a price tag which ordinary people could not say no to: “Twenty thousand one month with payment in advance.”, Never had Su Jianan felt that she had such a crush on Lu Boyan: “Deal and done!”, Lu Boyan handed over Su Jianan a card. While Su Jianan promised solemnly: “I will be definitely responsible and dutiful over these two years. I will get every day’s dinner perfectly ready.”, It was the first time that Lu Boyan had seen such an obedient and docile Su Jianan. He rubbed her hair and said, “You are such a good girl.”, Then he rose up and went upstairs with these words. A satisfying smile seemed to be looming up around the corner of his mouth. Staring at his back, Su Jianan always felt that it seemed something was wrong., However, the deal of dinner was reached at last. She could afford the camera lens!, Su Jianan wanted to keep it a secret from Tang Yulan that she had been viciously searched online. However, a great sensation had caused online the moment her information was exposed and multiple media covered the issue of her being surrounded. In the end, this issue could not be concealed successfully. After knowing the whole going-on, Tang Yulan was shocked so badly that her heart almost broke out. She made a call hurriedly., It was Uncle Xu who picked the call up. He hurriedly reassured Tang Yulan. “It was fine already. Young Master made it in time and took Young Madam in time. Old Madam, I was just intending to give you a call.”, Tang Yulan: “What is wrong?”, “Young Madam prepared and cooked Young Master the dinner on her own today!” Uncle Xu automatically left out the deal of dinner between the sweet couple and only reported the happy news, “Young Madam also served out Young Master some dishes and Young Master actually finished it! I think their relationship is getting better and better!”, Tang Yulan felt rather pleased. She was still smiling after she dropped the call. While walking by the room which Lu Boyan had lived at his childhood, she smoothly pushed the door open and walked in., Mother knows her son well. It went back to the Saturday when Lu Boyan was sitting in the room and looking at a picture. At first, she doubted it was his father’s photo that he was looking at, but Lu Boyan placed the photo reversely on purpose in the end. It seemed that he did not want her to see the person in the photo., She should not have peeped into his son’s privacy. But now—she could not refrain her own curiosity., She opened the box and took the photo out, turning the photo over carefully. Then she smiled-, It was not his father in the photo, instead, it was a young and beautiful girl., The doubting she had always been holding was testified., Tang Yulan had a pretty sound sleep that night., The next day., Su Jianan knew that she had not been able to conceal the whole thing, so she had been fully prepared before going to the police bureau. As expected, she was besieged the moment she went into the office., “Jianan, you are not loyal enough. If you had not been exposed by someone yesterday, till when were you going to keeping us in the darkness?” After finishing the complaint, the female colleagues asked curiously, “But, how does it feel to have a super-super-super tall, handsome and rich husband?”, Su Jianan was well acquainted with these people and said, “Let’s go to Moon Chasing House, my treat.”, Moon Chasing House was a time-honored restaurant which was of hundreds of history. They offered all the most authentic delicacies in City A. As expected, the people in the office all exclaimed out and left all their questions behind., At last, Captain Yan announced solemnly: “Jianan, we had all made an agreement after discussion. Starting from today, we will transform ourselves from being Han Ruoxi’s fans into on-lookers, we are all against Han Ruoxi now!”, Su Jianan was at a loss slightly. Captain Yan continued his talking: “You don’t need to overthink. We think that it is of no use to us to carry on being Han Ruoxi’s fans. However, if we follow you, we can also enjoy the delicious food of Moon Chasing House. Of course, we are not silly. You have our support certainly!”, Actually, Su Jianan knew that Captain Yan was doing this to stop her from being embarrassed. After all, they were Han Ruoxi’s fans and she was at an adversary relationship with Han Ruoxi., Luo Xiaoxi had asked her why didn’t she choose to be a glorious surgeon in a hospital and why did she choose to deal with the corpses instead. Now she could give out her answer: She favored every cute person of this team., “Oh yes, Jianan, should we help you look into whom had exposed your information?” asked Captain Yan., Shaking her head, Su Jianan replied: “No need.”, She knew whom it was., As for how to deal with her, there was still a long time ahead. People would feel most painful at the time when they felt relaxed. She was in no rush., Due to the fact that Tang Yulan and Su Yicheng both had exerted their pressure secretly, the girl who led the siege was not able to be saved out by her father. So the parents of the girl had to come to Su Jianan and appeal to her mercy., Su Jianan said no. It was hard to say that it was not due to the parents’ indulgence that the girl ended up being that ill-mannered. This time, she would count it as a lesson for the little girl., At noon, Su Jianan and her colleagues in the vice squad went to Moon Chasing House merrily., While Shen Yuechuan and Lu Boyan invited their partners to discuss things in Moon Chasing House. When they are walking by the public area, the familiar figure popped into Lu Boyan’s eyes., She was sitting with a bunch of colleagues around a table. The pear blossoms which looked like snow were blossoming behind her. The spring sunshine crept through the pear blossoms and stopped behind her by accident. With that setting off, her skin was as white as snow and her smiling face was as beautiful as a flower., His somewhat disturbed heart was calmed down by her look, however…, So many of them came together. Why it happened that she was sitting beside Jiang Shaokai?, Seeing Lu Boyan stop, their partners asked confusedly:” Boss Lu, what happened to you? If you do not want to sit in the private room, we can change it over here. The pear blossoms in the yard were nice.”, “No need. You come upstairs first.”, Lu Boyan walked forward straightly. While Shen Yuechuan took their partners to the private rooms located on the second floor first., Having been brought to Moon Chasing House for a few times by Su Yicheng, Su Jianan thought constantly of a few delicate foods here. She was now closing her eyes and ordered dishes: “Roasted pork, Chicken with Pineapple, Beef with Barbecue Sauce…”, Lu Boyan walked behind Su Jianan soon. His aura was so strong that almost other people noticed him at the very first moment, except Su Jianan. She was still ordering dishes and her colleagues had to remind her:” Jianan!”, “Crispy Chicken, Baiyun Trotter…”, “Jianan!!”, “Coconut Seafood, Lemon Crispy Prawn…”, Lu Boyan’s hands covered Su Jianan’s shoulder and said, “You should let others order dishes.”, Su Jianan opened her eyes- So weird, how could she hear Lu Boyan’s voice? Moreover, why the way others looked at her was so peculiar?

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