, It was a sweet and gentle voice that sounded as if a gust of wind would break it., In Luo Xiaoxi’s words, women would feel triggered when they heard such a voice. But it was a different story when men heard it., Su Yuanyuan pranced up to Lu Boyan like a naive young lady and said, “Brother-in-law, I saw you the moment I entered!” Then, she seemed to have just noticed Su Jianan and said, “Eh? Sister, did brother-in-law bring you here? I heard that you were surrounded by a group of high-schoolers last time. Were you injured? Mom and I were very worried about you!”, She blinked her long false lashes and the worry in her eyes which had been enlarged by eyeliner looked especially realistic., She’s a good actress!, Su Jianan smiled and held Lu Boyan’s hand sweetly. “Your brother-in-law came just in time. I was not injured. How’s your leg injury? Is it all healed?”, Su Yuanyuan would never in her life forget the shame of being sent to the hospital by ambulance thanks to Su Jianan. A hit of hatred flashed past her eyes for less than 0.1 seconds. An ordinary person would not even be able to catch her vicious expression before her innocent smile returned on her face. She said, “It’s recovered. Thanks for last time, big sister.”, She could act pretty well. Su Jianan smiled even more brilliantly, “You’re welcome.”, Lu Boyan held Su Boyan’s waist and said, “Miss Su, please excuse us.”, He was about to leave with Su Jianan but Su Yuanyuan followed them around with an innocent expression, “Brother-in-law where are you two going? Will you take me along? I don’t know anyone else here.”, Lu Boyan frowned and Su Jianan knew he was unhappy. However, he was a gentleman and would not be impolite toward Su Yuanyuan., How was he going to get rid of Su Yuanyuan? She anticipated it., Lu Boyan saw Su Jianan gloating and narrowed his eyes, suddenly having thought of something. He brought Su Jianan to an empty balcony., Su Yuanyuan followed them excitedly, “Brother-in-law, why have you brought my sister here?”, Su Jianan was curious as well and she stared at Lu Boyan with her almond-shaped eyes., Lu Boyan looked at Su Jianan deeply and moved as fast as lightning. He suddenly pressed Su Jianan against the wall and sucked at her lips., Su Yuanyuan was stunned., Su Jianan was stunned as well., Her eyes were opened wide and she forgot to breathe. Her mind was completely empty but her body felt as if someone had sealed her acupoint and she could not move at all., The only thing she could clearly feel was Lu Boyan’s slightly cold lips and his warm breath., His lips felt good and were like poison. It made one want to close their eyes and sink into them., Su Jianan felt as if she was hanging on the edge of the cliff. She would be completely shattered if she fell, never to recover again. However, to climb up was… too difficult., She had already hung on the cliff for more than ten years. She would have left the dangerous mountains long ago if she could climb up., Su Yuanyuan only realized that she had reacted wrongly then. She quickly covered her eyes and yelped in surprise., Lu Boyan released Su Jianan leisurely, his long fingers brushing her face gently. “You’re too beautiful tonight. I could not control myself.” He turned around to look at Su Yuanyuan and asked, “Miss Su, do you still want to continue watching?”, Su Yuanyuan was so shy she wanted to burrow into a hole. “Brother-in-law, you’re so annoying!”, She covered her face to hide her jealousy, turned and ran away., Su Jianan was still pressed against the wall dazedly. She was so spaced out, she was like a wooden person. Lu Boyan hugged her and said, “Silly, breathe!”, Su Jianan felt as if she had come back alive, feeling the air entering her lungs once more. She blushed before she spoke and could only say something after a while. “Lu Boyan, you, you’re too much!”, Lu Boyan’s eyebrows flicked up casually and said, “How have I been too much? Hmm?”, He drawled, seeming especially evil. Su Jianan could not say the three words “You kissed me”. She was so angry her chest heaved and she turned to return to the auction., Lu Boyan pulled her back and said, “I apologize. If I did not do this, we cannot get rid of Su Yuanyuan.”, Su Jianan glared at him. “That’s an excuse. You’re just trying to take advantage of me!”, Lu Boyan smiled and said, “At least I found an excuse even if I wanted to do that. You didn’t even bother looking for one.”, He was defaming her again! When had she taken advantage of him?, She could not bear it any longer!, Su Jianan said angrily, “Even if I wanted to take advantage of someone, I wouldn’t take advantage of you!”, She had high expectations, alright?, “Have you really forgotten what happened when we were little?” Lu Boyan stared into Su Jianan’s eyes. “Then, there’s still what happened at the party last month.”, When they were little, er, when they were little…, Su Jianan’s glare weakened., To Su Jianan who was 10, Brother Boyan was different from all other big brothers. She knew all the other brothers since she was little. Only Lu Boyan suddenly appeared in her empty house when she was 10. He was a new and interesting person to her. He only knew then that there was indeed someone as good looking as her brother in this world., But he said he was going to America less than a month later., She had yet to visit America when she was 10, and did not know how far away it was from A City. Her mother told her that America was on the other side of the earth and one had to take the plane for several hours to get there., Su Jianan cried when she thought of how she would not be able to see Lu Boyan after a ten-minute car ride anymore. She cried badly and Tang Yulan teased her, saying, “Jianan, kiss your brother. Kiss him and he won’t leave.”, She often kissed Su Yicheng when she wanted something from him, so kissing a brother was not a big deal to her. She ran up to Lu Boyan and hugged him with tears. Lu Boyan had not expected her to be so obedient, so he turned around in surprise and she kissed him on the lips., The adults all laughed loudly while Lu Boyan’s expression changed. She was the only one who did not care and held on to Lu Boyan’s hand and said, “Brother, can you not leave now?” Then she wiped her tears away pitifully., Lu Boyan still left in the end and the two had not met again until the day before their marriage., As for what happened at the dinner party last time…, She had only kissed him because they were putting up a show, and she had only kissed his face! This… was this taking advantage of him?, She looked at Lu Boyan. She felt wronged, but could not say anything., “Have you remembered everything?” Lu Boyan smiled and then pushed her against the wall. “Now that I’m counting, you still owe me one.”, Su Jianan’s dark pupils turned. “I barely touched you both times. But just now you… you… very long! You’re shameless!”, She raised her beautiful chin slightly like a fighting monster. Lu Boyan looked at her pink lips and thought of how soft and sweet they were, just like cotton candy. His eyes darkened and pressed his lips down again., He did not know how long he had wanted to do this for. It was a miracle he could hold it until now., Su Jianan breathed this time and did not freeze up. However, she did not know how to breathe in and out and felt that it was getting difficult to breathe. The air in her lungs felt as if they were all being sucked out by Lu Boyan’s tongue., However, Lu Boyan was still not satisfied like that. He held her hand and made her circle them around his waist. He held the back of her head tightly and deepened the kiss carelessly., His lips were not as cold as before and were as hot as his tongue. It was as if he was melting her into water., Su Jianan clutched at Lu Boyan’s shirt anxiously. She only remembered much later-why didn’t she push him away! Otherwise, she could also bite him like what they show on the TV!, Lu Boyan could sense Su Jianan’s intentions and held her waist tightly. He whispered, his breath hot, at her ears, “Be good, behave.”, The moment his warm voice ended, he bit Su Jianan’s lips lightly again. Su Jianan felt as if she had been electrified and forgot everything. Her clear almond-shaped eyes dazed., Lu Boyan smiled and kissed her lips again., He knew what he was doing., He would sink if he had to, and if he lost control, so it would be., Anyway, he only had this chance in this life., This time, Su Jianan completely forgot how long Lu Boyan had kissed her for. When he released her, her lips felt slightly painful. Lu Boyan did not look good either. The corners of his lips were stained with a little bit of lipstick, but it did not affect his handsomeness., What kind of devil was he?, A certain devil was feeling satisfied. He placed a hand on the wall while he tried to softly wipe away the lipstick on the corners of Su Jianan’s lips with the other. He said, “You owed me for more than ten years. I should get some interest back.”, Su Jianan was speechless. So he had to kiss her for this long?, Eh, something seemed wrong, but it seemed as if it was right., When he saw that Su Jianan could not react, Lu Boyan just held her hand., Su Jianan only remembered to struggle after a while. “Where are you taking me?”, “Your lip makeup is messy.” Lu Boyan brought Su Jianan to the powder room. “Rest assured, I wouldn’t do anything here even if I wanted to do anything.”, Su Jianan took out her lipstick and scolded him, “Gangster!”, Lu Boyan could not deny it. He noticed that his lips were also stained with lipstick. Even though he could not go out and meet people looking like that, but when he thought that lipstick was of Su Jianan’s lips… he did not dislike it that much anymore., He pulled out a wet napkin to wipe away the lipstick and then returned to looking like the regal CEO of Lu Enterprises., Su Jianan was also done repairing her makeup. She kept the lipstick in her bag and glared at Lu Boyan angrily. “I’ve paid the interest, we don’t owe each other anything anymore!”, Her face was suspiciously red and her lips were also slightly swollen. But they were pouted seductively. Lu Boyan looked at her and wanted to take her home., His eyebrows flicked and he asked, “So?”, “So— Don’t try to find another excuse to take advantage of me!”, With that, Su Jianan walked out. Lu Boyan followed her and caught up with her in two steps with his long legs. He held her hand naturally., Su Jianan wanted to fling his hand away, but Lu Boyan reminded her lightly, “Everyone is here.”, Which also meant that they had to start acting again. So Lu Boyan holding her hand was not within the boundaries of taking advantage of her., Su Jianan held hands with Lu Boyan unwillingly and then smiled lightly., “Boyan, Jianan.” Tang Yulan waved at the couple and said, “Quick come, the auction is about to begin.”, Lu Boyan brought Su Jianan over and sat at the front row. The charity auction officially began., The objects to be auctioned tonight were all donated by guests and philanthropists. There were about 20 items and the auction would end in about an hour and 15 minutes., Su Jianan thought it was just right. She did not have to sit for long., There was a small booklet beside every seat. It was the listing of items being auctioned today. Su Jianan flipped through the items and her gaze was affixed on a jade bangle so much so that she could not lift her head., Lu Boyan noticed Su Jianan’s oddity and followed her gaze. The name of the person who had donated the bangle was written below. It was Jiang Xueli, her stepmother., He frowned and suddenly heard Su Jianan say, “That’s my mother’s bangle.”, She had seen her mother wearing the bangle since she was little. It was said that it was expensive and was passed on to her mother from her grandmother. After her mother’s death, Su Jianan wanted to hide it away for her mother but could not find it anywhere., So it was in Jiang Xueli’s hands. And she had dared to donate it to charity!, Buying the bangle at the auction was the best way to get the bangle back. But the starting price for it was 300 thousand dollars. She did not have that much money., She could only look for Su Yicheng., She took out her mobile and texted Su Yicheng., Lu Boyan saw everything she was doing and his frown grew even deeper. She had indeed forgotten what he had said.

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