Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride

Chapter 13 - Blackie’s Good Luck

, , Chapter 14 – Abandoned Master And Wicked Slaves, Below the deserted Cang Mountain, outside of Yan Jing City, there is a small shabby courtyard., This was were Yan Jing’s famous doctor, Nalan Zhangze’s concubine born third daughter lived. It was unknown to most that Nalan Hexi lived here., Cang Mountain was located in a desolate area, where spiritual energy was thin. Birds and Beasts rarely roamed in this area, also spiritual herbs and spiritual trees were unable to grow. Even ordinary fruits and crops were unable to survive in this environment., At this point the time had passed Mao1. The mountain wind blew frequently into the courtyard, bringing waves of gloomy chilliness., However, Wet Nurse Chen still paced back and forth in the courtyard, occasionally glancing towards the shabby gate., Miss has been missing for more than a day, why, why is she still not back?, Her gaze turned to the brightly lit main room, she couldn’t help but finally walk over., The door opened a crack. From inside a strong aroma of wine wafted out, accompanied by loud shouting and laughing., It had already passed midnight and reached early morning. However, in the main room a group of slave servants were still joyfully gambling and drinking., Wet Nurse Chen carefully entered, panic written all over her face, “Butler Li, Miss has not come back for a day and a night, I’m really worried about what has happened to her. Can you dispatch people to look for Miss?”, The room of boisterous people abruptly went quiet., “I had been asking why my luck is so poor today, it turns out there’s this bearer of ill luck come to touch my brows.”, Butler Li, who was sitting at the gambling table, fiercely kicked the stool beside him. An ominous glint flashed across his face, “Your family Miss not coming back doesn’t concern us, maybe she has run away with a man?”, The people in the room burst into raucous laughter, with someone agreeing, “I heard her mother seduced doctor Nalan. She had such a thick face to become a concubine, as expected of such a mother to certainly have such a daughter. Her mother’s like a ****, so her daughter would of course also act like her right?”, “You! Don’t you dare talk rubbish!” Wet Nurse Chen’s face turned very red, her turbid eyes protruding in anger, “I forbid you from slandering Madam and Miss….”, “Ha ha ha, she’s nothing more than lowly trash, she didn’t even have the talent to cultivate. That she still dared to claim the title of a Miss, don’t make an exhibition of yourself for a disgrace!”, “That’s right, if it were not for doctor Nalan being so charitable and having such a benevolent heart, how would he allow her to live here, even assigning so many people to serve her? Bah! I don’t know where this illegitimate child came from that’s such useless trash, but the only choice left for her is to die. It’s the wisest decision so as to not bring shame upon the Nalan Family.”, As long as Nalan Hexi, that waste, really was dead, they would be able to return to the Nalan Family. They wouldn’t have to serve in this place that even bird ** wouldn’t fall, where there wasn’t any profit to make, and even their cultivation bases wouldn’t advance., “Shut up you!” Wet Nurse Chen’s eyes shined scarlet, throwing herself towards several people, “You! This group of evil slaves, obviously Master sent you here to serve Miss. But now you’re even occupying Miss’ Main House, causing Miss and I to live in the firewood room, making us no better than a pair of dogs!, Her entire body gave off the aura of an insane person. In a moment that Butler Li wasn’t paying attention, he unexpectedly had a bunch of his hair pulled and he was grabbed by the neck. Startled by the sudden violence, he uttered a pained howl., Wet Nurse Chen was thinking that she would take them all down with her. She pulled his hair, scratching and grabbing whatever she could reach, shouting hysterically, “If Miss is dead, I’ll die with all of you!”, “Even if I have to crawl back to Nalan Manor, I will let Master know about your disgraceful behaviour. I don’t believe that Master Nalan doesn’t really care about Miss’ life or death. Even if Miss was really abandoned, you, this group of wicked slaves that turned your backs on your owner, will not have a good end!”

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