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Chapter 43 - Book Of Forging

, Chapter 43 - Book Of Forging, Shi Feng took the key to the Intermediate Forging Room and went up the second floor, ignoring the flirting young lady., The first floor of the Forging Association only had Basic Forging Rooms, whereas Intermediate Forging Rooms were located on the second floor., When compared to the first floor, there were far fewer people on the second floor. There were only NPCs walking around. Players would not come to this place at all. Also, there were only twenty Intermediate Forging Rooms, unlike the Basic Rooms, which numbered at fifty., Shi Feng entered the Intermediate Forging Room. The room was much larger and refined. The facilities available were also better than the Basic room, especially the Hammer and Flame. These two items were not simple at all., Shi Feng held up the silvery-white hammer that was placed on the iron-woven felt., Hundred Refinement Hammer (Bronze-rank), Forging Items: When Forging, the success rate is increased by 3%., Requirements: Strength 4, Just this Hundred Refinement Hammer alone was hard to obtain by players. The best hammers NPCs sold were Common Hammers. Those hammers did not increase the success rate of Forging. As for stealing this Hundred Refinement Hammer, it was an impossible task. Items that belonged to the Forging Room could not be taken away by players., The Flame here was extraordinary as well. Instead of the usual scarlet, yellow color, the Flame here burned with a scarlet, green color. It was not a common Flame, but a Mysterious Flame., Shi Feng took a look at its description., Scarlet Devil Flame (Tier 1 Mysterious Flame), Special Item: Possesses extremely high temperatures. Items smelted with the Flame will have higher purity. When refining potions or forging items, there will be a definite increase in success rates., Mysterious Flames were rare and powerful Flames. These Flames had varying strength, and they could be categorized into nine tiers. The first tier was the weakest, whereas the ninth tier was the strongest. However, even a first tier Mysterious Flame was not something that could be easily obtained by players., Due to the Mysterious Flame’s rarity, its price within God’s Domain was extremely high. Including the fact that both Potion-making and Forging required Mysterious Flames, the prices of Mysterious Flames had become even more shocking., There was once a Tier 4 Flame that caused tens of first-rate Guilds to fight over it. After the death of millions of players, the Flame finally ended up in the hands of the World Dominators. Not long after, a Master Potionmaker in World Dominators rose to become a Grandmaster Potionmaker, increasing the influence of the World Dominators by a large leap., Shi Feng had a great yearning within him when he looked at the burning Mysterious Flame. It was the thirst of a Forger., Just when Shi Feng was in deep thought, he suddenly recalled a matter., On the second month of God’s Domain’s operation, the third-rate Guild, Glorious Light, had discovered a Tier 2 Mysterious Flame, Ice-Blue Devil Flame. The Flame was found in the Hundred Ghosts Forest, and its discovery induced great envy into the other Guilds. At that time, there were a lot of Lifestyle players who had applied to join Glorious Light, allowing the Guild’s power to abruptly increase and becoming the tyrant of a small City. However, there were also many Guilds who gathered information in secret, wanting to obtain a Mysterious Flame for themselves. Naturally, Shadow was no exception to this., Shadow had discovered the location and method of obtainment of the Mysterious Flame from Glorious Light’s inner circle. Unfortunately, such Mysterious Flames only appeared once, never appearing again after they were gone. This discovery caused many Guilds to waste their efforts., As he was thinking about the Ice-Blue Devil Flame, Shi Feng suddenly started having intentions towards this Mysterious Flame. If he could make it his own, it would definitely be of great help to him in the future when he started his own Guild. Moreover, the Flame would be of great help in pushing Shi Feng to become a true Forger1., However, Shi Feng still needed to hash out a proper plan to obtain the Ice-Blue Devil Flame. He needed to prepare many things before he could obtain the Flame., Following which, Shi Feng took out the Garrison Armor’s Forging Design. Without wasting time, he immediately chose to learn it., System: You have learned how to forge the Garrison Armor., Afterward, Shi Feng placed all the needed materials onto the stone table. Then, he took out the immensely precious Book Of Forging and started to forge., Shi Feng was a Basic Forging Apprentice. His success rate for forging a Level 0 Common Equipment did not exceed 20%, and after a successful forging, there was a 40% chance for him to obtain 1 Proficiency Point. If Shi Feng were to forge the Garrison Armor, a Level 3 Bronze Equipment, his chance of success would not exceed 5%. Successfully forging a piece of Bronze Equipment would bring an additional bonus, which was a 100% chance to obtain 2 Proficiency Points., However, 1000 Proficiency Points were needed to become an Intermediate Forging Apprentice. Obtaining such a large amount of points required equally large funding to support it. There was no way for a Lifestyle player to support such a large sum of money by themselves., The Forgers in Guilds all started out by forging Common Equipment. There was not a single Guild who would allow these Lifestyle players to forge Bronze Equipment right off the bat. To begin with, they didn’t even possess a Forging Design for Bronze Equipment, and even if they did, they wouldn’t carry out such an action. The success rate of a Basic Forging Apprentice was just too low, and the materials needed were just too expensive. A single failure would cost 1 Silver Coin or more. It was a loss that not even Guilds could handle. Moreover, they couldn’t even collect that many materials to make the equipment., However, Shi Feng did not have such worries. He had the Philosopher’s Stone, so he did not lack in resources. Furthermore, the materials needed to make the Garrison Armor were cheaply-priced. It only required 5 bottles of Magic Essences, 5 pieces of Bronze Ore, and 20 pieces of Copper Ore. The cost of making the Garrison Armor was only 80 Copper Coins. When compared to the cost of making other Bronze Equipment, it was at least 20 Coppers cheaper. The Garrison Armor also had very good Attributes, so it was extremely welcomed. Shi Feng wouldn’t have to be troubled over figuring out how to sell it., The most important thing was the Book Of Forging., The Book Of Forging could increase the success rate of forging Common Equipment by 70%, Bronze Equipment by 50%, Mysterious-Iron Equipment by 30%, Secret-Silver Equipment by 20%, Fine-Gold Equipment by 10%, Dark-Gold Equipment by 5%, and Epic Equipment by 1%., With such Attributes, the Book Of Forging could allow a player to become a Master Forger easily and unimpeded., Basic Forging Apprentices originally had a 20% success rate at forging Common Equipment. Including the 70% from the book, the success rate would become 90%. Further including the facilities of the Intermediate Forging Room and removing the possibilities of mistakes, the success rate of making Common Equipment was 99% or higher. Unless the player was a pig2, failure was impossible., The Book Of Forging’s frightening abilities could clearly be seen from this., As for the Garrison Armor, Shi Feng had a 5% success rate for making it. Including the 50% from the book, the 3% from the room’s facilities, and also the effects of the Mysterious Flame, Shi Feng now had a 60% success rate for making the Garrison Armor. Not to mention Bronze Equipment, even if Common Equipment had a 60% success rate, it would still drive Forger players mad. Such a high percentage for success was something unimaginable to Forgers., Following which, Shi Feng started slowly making the Garrison Armor according to the Forging Design’s requirements. He first smelted the Copper and Bronze Ore in the fire. After being in the fire for five minutes, the ores started to melt and form a lump. Afterward, Shi Feng added in the Magic Essence, letting it burn for another minute before removing the red-hot ore and placing it onto the metal felt. The ore’s scorching hot temperature caused Shi Feng to sweat. However, Shi Feng did not dare be careless, as the following process was the most important part., After finishing the preparations, Shi Feng held the Hundred Refinement Hammer and readied it to hammer the fiery ore., Dang… Dang… Dang..., Sparks flew in all directions. The hammering sounds echoed throughout the wide Forging Room., Shi Feng struck every hit with careful precision., In his previous life, Shi Feng did not learn Forging. He only learned the Gathering skill. However, he still knew quite a lot about Forging. After all, he had conversed with a Master Forger quite often, so he was knowledgeable to the degree of not making certain low-leveled mistakes., After hammering the ore over a hundred times, Shi Feng felt that it was perfect. Shi Feng wiped away the sweat on his forehead, carefully selecting the crimson ore’s interface and clicking the Complete button., Following which, the red-hot ore started transforming. Within five seconds, it had transformed into a silvery-gray colored armor. On the surface, there seemed to be nothing wrong with it. However, equipment’s successful forging did not just depend on its appearances; there was also its quality. Quality included the equipment’s Attributes and rank., Bronze Equipment that was badly forged would have their ranks decreased to Common, or their base Attributes would not be up to standards., Hence, Shi Feng selected the information of the armor, checking whether it was a success or a failure., TL Notes:, 1a true Forger => this part is referring to the ranks for a Forger i.e. Forging Apprentice -> Forger -> Master Forger -> Grandmaster Forger, 2Unless the player was a pig => An idiot, Changed Ice-Fire Devil Flame to Ice-Blue Devil Flame as of 07/12/2017

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