, Chapter 44 - Change, Although Shi Feng could handle failure, there was nobody who was willing to squander their money for no good reason. So, Shi Feng was, more or less, slightly nervous., After Shi Feng selected the option to check the armor’s information, three words appeared on the panel: Identification in progress., The red loading bar slowly increased. The System was currently determining the statistics of the equipment., After three seconds had passed, the System finished identifying the armor and revealed the armor’s information., Garrison Armor (Bronze-rank Plate Armor), Level 3, Equipment Requirement: Strength 10, Defense 22, Strength 2, Endurance 2, HP 150, Durability 35/35, Additional Ability- , Defensive Power: reduces damage taken by 3%., Restricted to Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights., System: Garrison Armor has been successfully forged. Forging Proficiency increased by 2 points. Obtained 800 EXP., “Great! It even has an Additional Ability, Defensive Power.” Shi Feng was extremely happy when he saw the Additional Ability on the Garrison Armor., He never imagined his first try at forging a piece of Bronze Equipment would be a success. He even obtained so much EXP. It was no wonder why the Master Forgers in his previous life never went out to grind, but their levels were not a bit low. Not only had the Garrison Armor forged met the standard Attribute values, but it also possessed an Additional Ability., Originally, the Garrison Armor did not possess Defensive Power. However, when the Forger exhibited extraordinary skill, coupled with the presence of the Mysterious Flame, there was a chance for an Additional Ability to appear on the equipment. In such occurrences, the price of the equipment would be increased to another level., Shi Feng took his time sizing up the Garrison Armor, feeling the texture of the silvery-gray metal and admiring its eye-catching design. The average piece of Bronze Equipment was absolutely no match for it. Shi Feng was very satisfied with his creation., Currently, Common Equipment was still the mainstream equipment for players. Even if players were to reach Level 6 in the future, it would not be a surprise to find them wearing only Common Equipment. After all, it was too hard to obtain Bronze Equipment. As for the Elite parties, just having one to two pieces of Bronze Equipment was considered being blessed., The Garrison Armor could be used by both Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights. If Shi Feng were to sell the armor, the Elite parties would definitely welcome it. After all, the quality of an MT’s equipment could ease the difficulty of conquering a Dungeon a lot. Even if Shi Feng were to set the price at 4 Silver Coins, these parties would still buy the armor, regardless the cost., As for the Defensive Power of the Garrison Armor, its benefits towards a party’s MT went without saying. Shi Feng would not accept anything lower than 5 Silver Coins for this armor., With his first experience at successful forging, Shi Feng continued forging Garrison Armors., However, Shi Feng took out the Hundred Refinement Steel this time. He wanted to know what effects the steel would have when it was used to forge equipment., Within ten minutes, the second Garrison Armor took form., However, the color on this Garrison Armor was different than the previous one. Instead of having a silvery-gray color, it was pitch-black now., After going through three seconds of identification, the System displayed the statistics to Shi Feng., Garrison Heavy Armor (Bronze-rank Plate Armor), Level 3, Equipment Requirement: Strength 14, Defense 25, Strength 2, Endurance 4, HP 150, Durability 40/40, Additional Ability- , Defensive Power: reduces damage taken by 5%., Restricted to Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights., System: Garrison Heavy Armor has been successfully forged. Forging Proficiency increased by 2 points. Obtained 1,000 EXP., System: Due to your Forging Genius, Forging Proficiency has been increased by an additional 2 points., Currently, Shi Feng had completely forgotten about the additional Proficiency Points that his Forging Talent gave him. Instead, his eyes were fixated on the Garrison Heavy Armor. The Attributes on the armor were already comparable to a piece of Level 3 Mysterious-Iron Equipment. The price-tag on it was at least 10 Silver Coins., Shi Feng never imagined that the Hundred Refinement Steel would create such large changes. Shi Feng had no choice but to admit that the item given by a Master Forger was not ordinary. Unfortunately, Shi Feng only had nine pieces of Hundred Refinement Steel remaining., Naturally, now that Shi Feng knew the effects of the Hundred Refinement Steel, he would not simply squander them away. He would set them aside and use them when he had good equipment to forge., Two hours quickly passed by. Shi Feng forged Garrison Armors without stopping during this time. He had obtained a total of 23 pieces of Garrison Armor, but he also failed to forge four pieces., Shi Feng was very satisfied with the result. A single, successfully forged Garrison Armor could easily remedy the loss of the four failures., At the same time, Shi Feng himself had also risen to Level 3. His current level was not that far from the expert players. Moreover, his Forging Proficiency had increased to 44 points. Such an increase was at least four to five times faster than those Forgers that belonged to Guilds., Following which, Shi Feng left the Intermediate Forging Room and arrived in front of the Auction House., He immediately auctioned off the 11 pieces of Garrison Armor that did not possess Defensive Power, their base prices set at 4 Silver Coins. As for the Garrison Armors and Garrison Heavy Armor that possessed Defensive Power, Shi Feng placed them aside for now. He wanted to let these Guilds and Elite parties have a taste of the armor first. That way, the remaining Garrison Armors could be sold at an even better price., Afterward, Shi Feng set up a stall in the Trade Area, casually yelling out. Following which, many players ran over to Shi Feng, selling their Stones and Magic Essences to him. After purchasing the materials for half an hour, Shi Feng took a look at the time. It was near nightfall in God’s Domain. The monsters at night became much more powerful and killing them became much more difficult. This period was not suited for leveling, and Shi Feng should rest as well., Currently, he was still using the Virtual Gaming Helmet, not the Virtual Gaming Pod, to play God’s Domain. The Virtual Gaming Pod could provide the energy and nutrients required by the player’s body at any time. It could also stimulate the body’s muscles, preventing the body from weakening due to playing God’s Domain for long periods., Shi Feng’s finger tapped and clicked, calling out the System Interface and choosing to log off., Currently, within the cramped rented apartment, the sunlight had long since seeped through the windows and scattered throughout the room. The temperature within the room was also starting to rise., Shi Feng took off the gaming helmet. He lifted up his body and stretched., After more than ten hours of inactivity and lying on the bed, Shi Feng’s body was numbed throughout. He needed to move around before he could return to normal., Shi Feng started doing push-ups, sit-ups, and other forms of basic training., In this extremely materialistic age, body training had already become indispensable in one’s life., After tens of years of constant research, scientists have managed to obtain a huge breakthrough in strengthening the human body and prolonging its lifespan. Mankind could now retain their youth for a longer period. The breakthrough also increased the average lifespan of a person to one hundred years old. At the same time, scientists had pointed out the necessity of working out the body., Henceforth, the age of exercise had arrived., In current times, sports tournaments and fighting competitions were the attention of the public eye., Just in the university alone, there were already plenty of sports societies and martial arts societies, and they were very welcomed by the students., In the current society, those who did not possess a trick up their sleeves would be looked down upon. On the other hand, those celebrity athletes and martial arts experts were absolutely revered. In the university, there was never a lack of beautiful women surrounding the distinguished athletes and students who often participated in mixed martial arts competitions. As for pretty boys, their time has long since faded from popularity., In his previous life, Shi Feng did not pay much attention to his body. As a result, he nearly caused its destruction. By the time he wanted to train his body, he was no longer young. Even if he had trained with all his might, the effects would not be great., In this life, Shi Feng would not be the same as before, naturally. He would not solely pay attention to God’s Domain, ignoring his body’s training., After training for half an hour, Shi Feng’s entire body was covered with sweat. It looked as if he had just taken a shower. Just when he was about to dine on his cooked instant noodles, his phone started ringing., Shi Feng looked at the contacting person. Unexpectedly, it was the usually silent female class monitor, Zhao Ruoxi., “Class Monitor, what’s up?” Shi Feng asked after answering the call., According to Shi Feng memories, aside from attending classes, Shi Feng never had any contact with the female class monitor. Within the four years, Shi Feng had spent in the university, he had not spoken over a hundred sentences with Zhao Ruoxi., “Shi Feng, hurry over to school. I failed to notify you of this because you do not live in the male dormitories, but now I’m telling you. At 11 o’clock, there will be an important matter being announced at Teaching Block 3, Classroom 401.”, Shi Feng looked towards the electronic clock on his table. It was already half past ten right now. He answered, “Alright, I’ll go there immediately.”

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