Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride

Chapter 47 - I Think Highly of You

, Chapter 47 - I Think Highly of You, Zhou Yuhu walked towards Shi Feng in an imposing manner. He wanted to personally teach Shi Feng a good, hard lesson this time., On previous occasions, he always sent others to handle it for him. However, Shi Feng still did not learn to be good. Today, he wanted Shi Feng to imprint this lesson onto his bones., The people present could all see the conclusion that was coming for Shi Feng., In a society where the entire population underwent body training, fights between students were all too common. Even minor injuries were very common. As long as it didn’t go overboard, it would not cause an incident., However, looking at Zhou Yuhu’s current attitude, Shi Feng would be staying in the hospital for at least a month. At that time, Shi Feng would be wearing a cast while receiving his graduation certificate on the stage., “Hold it, Zhou Yuhu. This is our class. On what basis does an outsider like you have to come and bully someone from our class?” Zhao Ruoxi’s delicate body suddenly blocked Shi Feng. She was not the slightest bit threatened by Zhou Yuhu’s imposing aura as she berated him., Zhou Ruoxi’s actions unquestionably left everyone else in shock. They never imagined that the normally gentle and graceful Zhao Ruoxi would stand up for an inferior student. She was even challenging Zhou Yuhu. She had such a strong heart to be so brave., “Ruoxi, don’t stir up trouble. Brother Hu only wishes to give Shi Feng some pointers. This should be Shi Feng’s good fortune. Shi Feng is always being bullied by others, but with Brother Hu’s pointers, he might have some growth and learn to be a proper person,” Ling Feilong explained with a smile. Due to Zhao Ruoxi’s above average appearance and attractive curves, he long since treated her as his personal property. Never would he have imagined that she would stand up for Shi Feng. Suddenly, the rage towards Shi Feng burned even greater in his heart., However, it would not be good for him to reveal that rage, so he simply tugged at Zhao Ruoxi’s delicate hand. He wanted to pull her away, stopping her from being a hindrance., “Fellow student Ling Feilong, as the pride of the class, are you just going to watch as one of our classmates being bullied?” Zhao Ruoxi shook off Ling Feilong’s hand, looking at him and asking angrily. She originally thought Ling Feilong was in possession of a good personality. He also performed exceptionally in the fighting competition. So, she thought he was a good prospect. However, she didn’t think that he was just a hypocrite., “Ruoxi, how could you say such a thing about me? You are misunderstanding. It isn’t my fault that Shi Feng does not know how to be a proper person. Now that Brother Hu is going to teach him how to become one, it would be beneficial to him in the future,” Ling Feilong said with a righteous expression as if everything occurring was for Shi Feng’s own good., “You!” Zhao Ruoxi was greatly angered by Ling Feilong. She promptly turned towards Shi Feng, saying, “Hurry up and leave. I’ll hold him off.”, “This little girl is interesting and very sexy. I like it.” Zhou Yuhu’s eyes started sizing up Zhao Ruoxi, liking very much what he saw. His lips could not help but curl up into an evil grin as his hand stretched to caress Zhao Ruoxi’s delicate face. He was no longer paying any attention to Shi Feng., However, before his salty pig-hand could touch Zhao Ruoxi, it was slapped away by another.“Zhou Yuhu, since you wish to trade notes with me, I can agree. However, just trading notes would not have much meaning to it. How about we spice it up a little,” Shi Feng proposed with a calm smile. He took a step forwards, tugging on Zhao Ruoxi’s jade-like arm and pulling her to a side., Zhao Ruoxi did not react to Shi Feng’s actions at all. Until she was dragged behind him, she only then began to look at Shi Feng’s average stature in stunning shock.When did Shi Feng become so manly?, However, she also felt Shi Feng was very foolish. How could he trade pointers with Zhou Yuhu? Now, Zhou Yuhu would have an excuse to teach Shi Feng a lesson., Zhou Yuhu rubbed the reddened back of his hand, enraged. He glared at Shi Feng, suddenly discovering Shi Feng’s current appearance was very calm and stable. It was as if Zhou Yuhu was looking at an entirely different person. Before, Shi Feng would easily be incited and get into fights with others. Now, however, not only was he not aroused, but he was also smiling happily., Was his brain damaged?, Ling Feilong was deeply enraged when he saw Shi Feng’s stretched arm actually touching Zhao Ruoxi. He could not help but wish he could take action immediately. However, he still held it in. He was prepared to put Shi Feng in his place in the future., “Kid, you actually dare to challenge me. Truly interesting. Then I’ll wager 1000 Credits. If you win, the 1000 Credits will be yours to keep. If you lose, then kneel and apologize to me, and also, compensate me with 1000 Credits. How about it? Do you dare to agree?” Zhou Yuhu furiously smiled. He never thought Shi Feng’s brain was truly damaged, daring to even provoke him., “Such a petty wager. Aren’t you embarrassed from saying it out loud?” Shi Feng shook his head and snorted in disdain., “Your guts sure have grown after not meeting for a few days. Say it then, what kind of wager do you want?” Zhou Yuhu was angered into a laugh. He knew Shi Feng was poor, and he could not even afford the 1000 Credits. Now though, he had actually dared to increase the bargaining chip. Was he complaining that he didn’t have a quick enough death? It seems his brain was truly wedged between a door., “Didn’t you win a membership card for the Big Dipper Training Center from the school’s fighting competition? Use that as the wager. If I lose, I’ll pay ten thousand Credits to you a month later. If you don’t have the courage to wager, then forget it.” Shi Feng provokingly said. In Shi Feng’s previous life, Zhou Yuhu showed off this membership card in front of others. Now, Shi Feng could coincidentally use it to train his body. The Big Dipper Training Center was well known in Jin Hai City. It had a great environment, and its training facilities were very thorough. The average person was not allowed to enter the training center at all, not to mention obtaining a VIP membership there. A normal membership was worth around eight to nine thousand Credits., “Even if I wager this card, where would a poor wretch like you find that much money? I won’t believe in empty words,” Zhou Yuhu laughed coldly., Indeed, it was as Zhou Yuhu had said. Shi Feng had not a penny on him at the moment, not to mention ten thousand Credits. Hence, why he had said he would pay a month later. However, Zhou Yuhu would clearly not believe him. Instead, Zhou Yuhu turned around to mock him. It would seem Shi Feng’s plan was going to be dashed this time., “Shi Feng, did you think I don’t know about your living conditions? You are so poor you can’t even afford to have a good meal, yet you’re still pretending to be wealthy,” Qin Shuyu shot Shi Feng a glance, commenting in disdain.“I’ll pay the ten thousand Credits,” Zhao Ruoxi abruptly said., Ling Feilong’s eyes turned crimson when he saw Zhao Ruoxi standing up once again. He couldn’t help but wish he could get rid of Shi Feng right this instant., Shi Feng was also shocked. He looked towards Zhao Ruoxi, astonished. He did not understand how Zhao Ruoxi had that much money. He wasn’t very clear of Zhao Ruoxi’s family background, either. Shi Feng only knew that her family was relatively well off. However, Zhao Ruoxi was actually so believing of him, even to the degree of betting her money on him. Shi Feng could not understand why she had done so. To begin with, the relationship between the two of them wasn’t that great., Zhao Ruoxi looked at Shi Feng. She knew the reason for Shi Feng’s astonishment. However, to not let him misunderstand, she quietly explained, “I’m only lending you the money because I can’t stand Zhou Yuhu’s arrogant attitude. I think highly of you, so even if you lose, lose with dignity.”, “Thank you. I will definitely return twice the amount to you,” Shi Feng gratefully said., This money was very important to him. Now, Zhou Yuhu would definitely agree to the wager. After Shi Feng obtained the membership card, he would be able to regularly train his body., It was better to start training earlier, rather than later. The earlier Shi Feng could train his body, the larger the benefit it would have to his future. Zhao Ruoxi had helped him greatly this time. When he started earning money in God’s Domain, paying Zhao Ruoxi an extra ten thousand would even be considered too little., However, Zhao Ruoxi did not take Shi Feng’s words seriously. She only nodded with a smile. She did not think that Shi Feng could return her money, not to mention double the amount., “Hahaha! Interesting! Then let’s draw out the contract at the fighting arena!” Zhou Yuhu licked his lips. He was even more interested in Zhao Ruoxi now. Although his luck in God’s Domain was bad today, his luck in real life was truly good. Not only had he found a good looking girl, but he could also receive ten thousand Credits for teaching Shi Feng a lesson. It truly was a blessing in disguise., Following which, everyone arrived at the fighting arena built by the school. Shi Feng and Zhou Yuhu signed a contract under the supervision of the Central Brain. Contracts acknowledged by the Central Brain were also recognized by the law. , There was also a judge at the fighting arena. The judge was normally a teacher in the university who taught students how to fight. The judge also had good skills that would be used to promptly stop the fights to avoid any heavy injuries from occurring., The other students from the class stood below the fighting ring. They laughed at Shi Feng’s stupidity. Instead of being an invisible existence like usual, he actually went insane now. Not only did he oppose Ling Feilong, but he also angered Zhou Yuhu, who was even more terrifying. After today, Shi Feng might never live a peaceful life ever again., Qin Shuyu looked above the ring, at the calm and steady Shi Feng. The feeling he gave people was completely different from before. He currently radiated an indescribable sense of security. She even felt Shi Feng’s scrawny body had grown larger. Qin Shuyu quickly shook her head, mockingly saying, “How strong could a weakling, who doesn’t even know a single fighting technique, be? He even dares challenge Brother Hu now. He truly is reckless.”

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