, It was until she received Captain Yan’s hint that Su Jianan then glanced backward—to her surprise, it was really Lu Boyan!, How could he end up here!, Su Jianan was so shocked that she almost fell from the chair., Jiang Shaokai subconsciously intended to hold Su Jianan up. But Lu Boyan reached his hands out faster than Jiang Shaokai did. With pampering smile on his dashing eyes, he held her up affectionately and said, “Are you so happy to see me here?”, Su Jianan smiled drily and replied. “Why are you here?”, “I am here to discuss business.” Lu Boyan lowered his voice and whispered in her ears, “You come to the private room with me.”, His breath was lukewarm. His charming voice was pretty low and soft. His thin lip touched Su Jianan’s auricle intentionally or unintentionally and it tickled Su Jianan’s ears a bit. The itching was spread from her ears to her heart. For just one instant, she felt herself falling into an illusion and she seemed to be dreaming., How was it possible that Lu Boyan held an aspect of such tenderness when dealing with her?, It was until she saw the ambiguous looks of her colleagues that she realized all of a sudden. She replied with an “Oh” and got up obediently., Lu Boyan naturally held Su Jianan’s hands and smiled to other people gracefully:” Everybody, so sorry that I have to take Jianan away for a while. Your drinks today will be all on me.”, He held Su Jianan’s hands and left, leaving all the people’s exclamation around the table behind., “He was much more handsome than he was painted! He was so handsome even while walking and talking!”, “Holy f**k! Can anyone of you give me a good pinch? Did I just meet Lu Boyan in person?”, “He seemed to be nice to Jianan and he was also a pretty good match for her. I started to be doubtful about the gossips between Han Ruoxi and him at the early time.” Captain Yan asked Jiang Shaokai, “Since you were on good terms with Jianan, do you know how long had they been associating with each other?”, Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Shaokai replied. “I had no clue at all about their falling in love with each other.”, While waiting for the dishes, Jianan’s colleagues naturally centered their topics on Lu Boyan and Su Jianan. Nobody noticed that Jiang Shaokai’s look was becoming darker bit by bit…, Even Jiang Shaokai himself did not know how was it he had felt a little sour in the heart., …, Lu Boyan took Su Jianan upstairs to the second floor. Till then did Su Jianan finally realize and asked, “Lu Boyan, where are you going to take me to?”, “What are you doing here?” Lu Boyan asked instead of answering., “For eating.”, “I am taking you to dinner.”, Lu Boyan pushed the door of the private room open. Having already heard from Shen Yuechuan that Lu Boyan was to seek Mrs. Lu out, the cooperation partners stood up hurriedly and greeted. “Mrs. Lu. This is the first time that we have met each other. Hello, my name is Wang Kun and I will talk a cooperative project with Boss Lu this time.”, “Hello.” Su Jianan greeted with the counterpart politely. Lu Boyan signaled her to sit down and later called the waiter over., Shen Yuechuan finally realized why Lu Boyan was calling the waiter over, however, he dared not to believe it—Lu Boyan did never do things like this.”, “Roasted Pork, Chicken with Pineapple, Beef with Barbecue Sauce…”, Lu Boyan ordered the dishes which Su Jianan had ordered a moment ago., Su Jianan was stupefied for so long a time and then she finally reacted. “Well, you also like these dishes?”, Surprise filled all over her small beautiful face., Shen Yuechuan rolled both his eyes—even Wang Kun who was beside could see that it was for her that Lu Boyan had ordered all these dishes! Wasn’t it!, Neither did Lu Boyan know why his Little Monster would be that dumb. He had to respond. “Yes.”, Su Jianan’s eyes brightened up. She then asked, “Then do you like Whole Fried Fish with Pine Nut? It was also very delicious blah blah blah…”, Lu Boyan told the waiter to add Whole Fried Fish with Pine Nut. The moment he turned his head, he saw Su Jianan smiling happily and contently beside him., He scowled his eyebrow—being content that easily, then wouldn’t she be easily amused by whomever?, Apparently, he needed to cultivate Mrs. Lu’s taste., “Mrs. Lu, I have met your mother for a few times many years ago and I was impressed by her so much,” said Wang Kun, “You are even more beautiful than your mother.”, Wang Kun’s look was sincere. Su Jianan smiled shyly and replied. “Thanks.”, “Boss Lu, you and Mrs. Lu look so good together,” Wang Kun said smilingly, “I finally understand what it is called to be a perfect match between a man and a girl. “There actually was no deliberate compliment in his voice, he meant it from the bottom of his heart.”, Lu Boyan smiled. For the first time that he had felt that he was also willing to take in some fancy words even though they were just licking his boots., While looking at the one who was beside him once again, her small beautiful face almost burning red thoroughly, he hugged her over and said, “Wait just a little bit, the dishes will be soon served.”, Su Jianan leaned on Lu Boyan and smelt the light, but refreshing flavor exuding from his body. She felt that her heartbeat was almost in disorder. But in the presence of the outsiders, she had to make great efforts to maintain her peacefulness on the surface., Luckily, the dishes were served one by one soon. The familiar fragrance burst into Su Jianan’s nose. Her appetite was greatly improved. Her both eyes shined like the stars. Shyness? Accelerating heart-beating? Whatever it was, she all left them behind., Lu Boyan picked up the chopsticks, passed it over to Su Jianan and said, “Let’s eat.”, Su Jianan took the chopsticks from him smilingly and had her meal. She was totally ignorant of the fact that Lu Boyan was taking care of her extremely well., While Shen Yuechuan and Wang Kun sitting on the opposite side were stunned, especially Wang Kun who had got the impression that Lu Boyan was well-known for his mercilessness and ruthlessness. He fought elegantly in the business field while well dressed-up and never was he lenient to anybody. It was said that he held the same attitude towards woman. It seemed that he was born with automatically blocking the tenderness., Now he understood that it was not Lu Boyan wasn’t tender at all, he just gave all of his tenderness to Su Jianan., Shen Yuechuan sighed from the bottom of his heart on and on—Lu Boyan had acted it out so obviously. Luckily, Su Jianan was both stupid and slow when it came to the relationship., It was until Su Jianan had been eating attentively for a while that she found that too many dishes have been ordered. Moreover, Lu Boyan and other people were all discussing things. She was the only one who had been eating., In order not to waste the food away—She made up her mind to eat, eat and eat continuously., Out of the corners of his eyes, Lu Boyan had been paying attention to Su Jianan and saw that she had been eating that intently. He asked her during the break of negotiation. “Are you very hungry?”, Su Jianan shook her head and replied. “I am full already. But since that we have ordered so many dishes, I don’t want to waste them.”, Lu Boyan would never care about wasting away at such level. He said softly, “It’s OK that you are full and cannot eat anymore. Never mind.”, With her heart fully centered on the delicious food, how could Su Jianan notice Lu Boyan’s rare tenderness? Instead, she replied. “But there are really so many dishes left…”, “It’s OK!” Wang Kun uttered hurriedly. “Mrs. Lu, we are so hungry and we can finish them all.”, His assistant echoed strikingly. “Yes, sure. We will not waste food away. Mrs. Lu, you can take it easy. We will handle it.”, The cooperation negotiation was almost close to deal, except Lu Boyan’s consent to sign the contract. Wang Kun and his assistant were wrapped in eating—It could be seen that Lu Boyan took his wife’s feeling to heart. Maybe once Mrs. Lu was happy, then Boss Lu would sign the contract., Shen Yuechuan observed all of these and shook his head continuously—Lu Boyan was simply less than a human., For the next second, Lu Boyan gazed at Shen Yuechuan. Shen Yuechuan shook his head resolutely. Seeing Lu Boyan’s eye becoming somewhat colder, Shen Yuechuan trembled and picked up his chopsticks grievingly to eat., Wang Kun and his assistant ate greedily. Shen Yuechuan looked also pretty hungry. Seeing that, Su Jianan was not worried that the whole table of dishes would be wasted away. Instead, she spoke to Lu Boyan in low voice. “I want to go downstairs.”, Lu Boyan would talk with Wang Kun about the details of cooperation later. Su Jianan could not interpose here definitely. He nodded his head and said, “You came here by driving a car?”, “No, Jiang Shaokai drove me here.” Su Jianan thought that Lu Boyan was worried about how she would go back and then she added again, “It’s OK that he will drive me home then.”, Lu Boyan “smiled a bit” and replied. “Since I am here, how can I have the nerve to bring trouble to an outsider? You wait for me then and I will drive you home.”, “OK then.”, It was until she was out of the private room that she began to realize—Compared with what he had been yesterday, Lu Boyan today was… much more abnormal., He seemed… to be so amiable today that she was being led by the nose and completely at a loss., Captain Yan saw Su Jianan going down and asked her, “Jianan, have you eaten yet?”, “I am already full.” Su Jianan said absent-mindedly., “Already full?” One of her colleagues smiled ambiguously. “Were you fed full by Boss Lu?”, It was until a few seconds later that Su Jianan realized and stared at her colleague blushingly. She then passed over her a piece of Crispy Chicken and stuck it into her mouth. “You eat your own meal!”, Su Jianan went to the toilet halfway and she ran into Jiang Shaokai while washing her hands., “You get along with him better than what I’ve imagined,” said Jiang Shaokai., Su Jianan looked at Jiang Shaokai through the mirror confusedly and said after a while, “Sometimes it is a merely an accidental amusement. We have to make my father believe that we are affectionate towards each other.”, Was Lu Boyan just playing a merely accidental amusement? Jiang Shaokai smiled—from his perspective, he wasn’t., When Lu Boyan walked over a moment ago, he could clearly sense his strong desire to monopolize which was palpable. It was his belief that if at that time there had been someone who dared to touch Su Jianan, that one would have definitely lost his hands., “Jianan, are you sure… he is not into you?”, “Han Ruoxi and he are a match!” Su Jianan smiled. “The day before we got married, I heard in person he promised Han Ruoxi that he would divorce me two years later.”, Maybe, there were some other reasons—Jiang Shaokai did not speak out his confusion., After eating for more than half an hour, the whole party was almost full. They lied against the chairs lazily while eating the dessert fruit. Su Jianan called the waiter over to pay the bill, but to be told that Lu Boyan had already got the bill paid., “Tut-tut-tut!” Captain Yan took away the card in Su Jianan’s hands and said, “Black, black card’s vice card! I have never thought that I will have the opportunity to touch it in person in my life.”, Su Jianan was a bit confused—That card was given to her by Lu Boyan yesterday. She had thought that it was a debit, debit card. But it actually was a credit, credit card which had no limit?, Lu Boyan was too calculating. If she carelessly spent eighty or one hundred thousand, then wouldn’t she be in debt to him?, She had to ask for another card from him!, it just happened that Lu Boyan went downstairs with Wang Kun who was almost so full that he almost fainted over. Wang Kun signed the contract as he liked it and extended his thanks to Su Jianan specifically before leaving., Su Jianan was eating the fruits a moment ago. The corner of her mouth was heedlessly stained with some salad sauce. Before Jiang Shaokai reminding her at first, Lu Boyan had already extracted a piece of tissue and wiped the stain of white for her. He asked her softly, “Are you going home?”, Su Jianan replied with a “yes” bewilderedly., Was it her illusion or reality? Lu Boyan actually… wiped the corner of her mouth for her?, Lu Boyan held Su Jianan’s hands spontaneously and said, “I will drive you home.”, He said goodbye to everybody gracefully in a gentleman’s manner. Then he left with Su Jianan hand in hand, which again caused gasps of boy-crazy exclamation—, “He is handsome to a new height in just a few minutes! Privileged Mr. Jiang Master, from now on, you are not my only Charming Prince! Lu Boyan is my Charming Prince too!”, “Boy-crazy.” Jiang Shaokai scolded them softly and smiled. He looked back to see the figures of the couple who went further and further away—Lu Boyan’s hands were placed on Su Jianan’s waist, which though was not forcible but had strongly declared his sovereignty. Moreover, they looked to be an indeed perfect match., Would they divorce two years later?, He always thought that it was a mystery.

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