, After breakfast, Su Jianan suddenly discovered that she did not have a car. Going to work became a problem., After some thought, she asked Uncle Xu for help, “Uncle Xu, can you arrange for the driver to send me?”, “The driver sent the helper to buy groceries early in the morning.” Uncle Xu glanced at Lu Boyan and continued, “Young Master, why are you not sending Young Madam?”, “I don’t want him to send me!”, Lu Boyan was too high profile. If she took a ride from him in his car to the police station… the consequences would be too terrible to imagine!, This was the first time Lu Boyan had been regarded with contempt. He narrowed his eyes and said, “You don’t want me to send you? Then you can only take a ride in my car.”, Lu Boyan put on his jacket elegantly and left., “Uncle Xu, what does he mean?”, Su Jianan looked at Lu Boyan’s retreating back confusedly., “It means that I can’t arrange for a car for you and the chauffeur can’t send you,” said Uncle Xu, “actually, Young Master’s intentions are clear. You can only ride in his car to get to work today. Don’t even think about anything else.”, “He… is he serious?”, Su Jianan was furious. What right did Lu Boyan have to be so overbearing!, Uncle Xu nodded. “That’s right. Actually… Young Master is serious in everything he does.”, “That’s not true!” Su Jianan left furiously. “He wasn’t serious getting married to me!”, “…” Uncle Xu’s lips twitched, but he hesitated. In the end, he did not say anything. Forget it, Su Jianan would find out what she needed to know one day., Su Jianan still got onto Lu Boyan’s car. However, she did not allow Lu Boyan to send her to the police station. She made a fuss so that she could get off the car one kilometer away from the police station. She said determinedly, “I want to walk there myself!”, Lu Boyan stepped on the break. Su Jianan jumped off as if she was escaping. His car continued toward Lu Enterprises. Shen Yuechuan called him soon after., “I found out some news that you’d definitely be interested in!” Shen Yuechuan said, “Didn’t Luo Xiaoxi say that Jianan has someone she likes? In all these years, the man she had the most interactions with is the Young Master of the Jiang Family, Jiang Shaokai! So, the person Jianan likes might be him. What do you intend to do?”, Lu Boyan thought of the day they registered their marriage. Jiang Shaokai mentioned that Su Jianan had someone she liked, and he even guessed that the man might be him. Then, Su Jianan’s expression had frozen, and she had looked at Jiang Shaokai with a complicated gaze., So, the person she liked was Jiang Shaokai?, “Hello?” Shen Yuechuan asked confusedly, “Are you listening?”, “Who she likes has nothing to do with me.” Lu Boyan said frigidly, “If you’re so nosy, does it mean you have a lot of time? Go to Africa and help me settle some things.”, That was how Shen Yuechuan got sent to Africa., Behind, Su Jianan did not walk too many steps when a car suddenly stopped beside her., Jiang Shaokai rolled down the windows and said, “Young Madam Lu, Lu Boyan is willing to let you walk to work?”, Su Jianan opened the car doors unceremoniously and entered the car. “Don’t talk nonsense. You know that I married him to save my life.”, Jiang Shaokai smiled with a faraway look. He leaned toward Su Jianan and said, “How were your newlywed days?”, Su Jianan pushed Jiang Shaokai’s forehead back using her forefinger. She said, “My newlywed life has nothing to do with you. Gossipy men are the least charming. Also, I am a married woman now, so keep a distance from me.”, “Heh!” Jiang Shaokai started the car and said, “You’ve forgotten your friends now that you’re married! Be careful that I let the paparazzi know that the wife of the Lu Enterprises CEO is a female medical examiner!”, Su Jianan nudged him and said, “What do you mean by female medical examiner? You’re a male medical examiner!”, Jiang Shaokai smiled and started his car. The BMW 760 entered the line of cars, laterally behind the Aston Martin ONE77., For some reason, Lu Boyan glanced at the familiar looking car through the side-view mirror. And… Su Jianan was in it., Did she make a fuss to get off his car so she could take Jiang Shaokai’s car?, Was what Shen Yuechuan said… true?, For a split moment, Lu Boyan wanted to pull Su Jianan out of Jiang Shaokai’s car., Except… why did he have such a sudden urge to do so?, Lu Boyan’s eyes dimmed and he pressed hard on the accelerator. The Aston Martin surpassed the cars in front and sped towards Lu Enterprises., Su Jianan did not notice Lu Boyan’s car. She and Jiang Shaokai arrived at the police station, chatting and laughing. She saw her colleagues gathered together, gossiping about Han Ruoxi being ditched by Lu Boyan., Captain Yan of the squad was a fan of Han Ruoxi. After reading the news, he sighed. “Who exactly is the woman to have stolen the man from Han Ruoxi! If I find out who it is, I will definitely thank her! If she had not stolen Lu Boyan away from her, how would our goddess belong to us, hahaha… Oh, Jianan, you’re back? Where have you been on your few days’ leave?”, Su Jianan touched the tip of her nose and replied. “I went to return your goddess to you all.”, Only Jiang Shaokai in the entire police station knew about her marriage to Lu Boyan., “What?” Captain Yan did not hear clearly and was confused., “Nothing.” Su Jianan slipped into the office and started to work with Jiang Shaokai.

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