, Su Jianan turned and ran into the medical examination team’s office. A loud burst of laughter rang behind her and she flushed. She sat down and hid her face behind the computer screen, but saw her red face from the dark screen., She had never thought that Lu Boyan would come and had not imagined that she would feel as if she was reborn after seeing Lu Boyan. She had forgotten all her fatigue., Instead, she felt that it was a beautiful morning., Jiang Shaokai entered and saw Su Jianan staring at her reflection in the computer screen dazedly. There was joy in her sparkling eyes that was hard to hide., He looked at her meaningfully and said, “You complained to him earlier.”, “Eh?” Su Jianan did not understand what he was saying., “We have always worked hard when there are big cases, and we have already worked hard for a year.” Jiang Shaokai said leisurely. “You have never complained to your brother. But when you saw him earlier, you said that you hadn’t slept a wink last night sadly.”, “…” It, it seemed like it., “Do you want me to reenact the scene with Xiao Ying and Captain Yan and show you how sad you looked earlier?” Jiang Shaokai said eagerly., “Lame.” Su Jianan switched on the computer, but did not do anything else., Why did she complain only to Lu Boyan?, Could it be that she felt in her heart that Lu Boyan was more dependable than Su Yicheng?, How was that possible? Disregarding Su Yicheng, he should not even be comparable to Jiang Shaokai!, Su Jianan was feeling confused when she heard her colleagues cheer from behind the glass door. Breakfast from Moon Chasing House had arrived and filled more than half of the conference table., “Just nice!” Captain Yan clapped his hands and gestured to everyone. “Come and eat while we have our meeting!”, Everyone sat down. Xiao Ying sighed, “Moon Chasing House has never done delivery, one has to make reservations at least half a month before just to eat breakfast there. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a spot. He could get so many things delivered here in half an hour… that’s incredible.”, “Jianan, if I follow you in the future, would I have meat to eat?”, Su Jianan calmly picked up a soup dumpling and placed it in vinegar. “The wounds on the six deceased showed that they were all tortured prior to their deaths. The murderer is either a pervert or he must hate the deceased and their families…”, Su Jianan turned the topic toward their work. Even Captain Yan would not dare to interrupt her when she got serious. Her colleagues could only stop teasing her and start working., Su Jianan thought that they would be able to rest after working till two or three in the afternoon. However, they slowly discovered more and more clues and ascertained that the crime was committed by someone who knew the victims. The murderer was determined to be located within a very small area and as long as they followed the clues, they would be able to discover the murderer who had taken six lives that night., She did not feel tired, and instead, her brain even got excited., In the afternoon, together with testimony from witnesses and their deductions, they were sure of who the murderer was. The team moved out and quickly started the capture. Su Jianan and Jiang Shaokai’s work ended., The bell tower by the Pu River chimed five times. It was five o’clock. Su Jianan sighed deeply and switched off her computer and straightened up her messy desk. She suddenly heard someone calling from outside, “Jianan! Look who’s here!”, Su Jianan looked out and saw the tall figure. He had taken off his suit jacket and his tie and looked more casual that this morning. The top button of his shirt had also been undone. This had not only not affected his handsome appearance, it showcased his good figure., He was the most eye-catching and tasteful man wearing a white shirt Su Jianan had ever seen. The girls eyes shone as he walked past them., Su Jianan was still in a daze when Lu Boyan arrived before her. “Can we leave?”, “…Yep!” Su Jianan only remembered to nod after some time., Lu Boyan held her hand naturally and with familiarity. He led her out of the office and left the police station., His car was parked in front of the station. Su Jianan sat at the passenger seat and only reacted when she saw Lu Boyan walking to the driver’s seat. She asked, “What are you doing here?”, “Your chief said that you can knock off around this time.”, “You know our chief?” Su Jianan asked with wide eyes., Lu Boyan’s eyebrows picked up, not denying it., Su Jianan stared at him and continued asking. “So? You just happened to knock off and just happened to pass by the police station and just like what happened when I was blocked by those high-schoolers, you just happened to meet me when I knocked off?”, Her tone was weird and Lu Boyan glanced her to discover that the Little Monster was looking at him steadily. Her bright almond-shaped eyes had a hint of a smile in them as if she could sense everything. He narrowed his eyes and asked, “Do you know something?”, “Guess!”, Su Jianan closed her eyes and leaned back leisurely, a hint of a smile on the corners of her lips., It was not difficult to guess. Shen Yuechuan had picked up the call from Su Yicheng. Shen Yuechuan must have told Su Yicheng that he was in a meeting. If Su Yicheng had told Su Jianan that, then Su Jianan would have easily seen through his excuse of “just happening to knock off and meeting her coincidentally”., She knew everything, just like how she knew why he was here., Lu Boyan turned to look at Su Jianan to discover that she had already fallen asleep. Her head was leaning against the car and she slept deeply, her expression exhausted., He stopped the car at the side of the road and placed her jacket over her. Then, he pressed down on the accelerator and went on the highway and returned home., The ONE77 sped on the road, unleashing its power. Lu Boyan glanced at Su Jianan who was on the passenger seat occasionally, a faint smile climbing up his lips., The car had never seemed to drive so smooth under his hands., At their door, Lu Boyan could not rouse Su Jianan no matter what. She seemed to be like a little animal who had entered hibernation, losing all consciousness, and would not awake until spring., Lu Boyan watched as she curled up in his jacket tightly and could not help but feel his heart softened. He suddenly felt that she was his person and could not bear to interrupt her deep sleep. He opened the passenger door and carried Su Jianan down., However, he had not expected that Tang Yulan had arrived and was sitting in the living room., When she saw Lu Boyan carrying Su Jianan back, she was extremely anxious. She hurried up and asked, “What’s wrong with Jianan?”, “She’s alright.” Lu Boyan placated his mother, “She’s just fallen asleep.”, “She must have worked overtime last night. Poor thing.” Tang Yulan’s eyes were filled with pity. “Quick, take her back to sleep in the room.”, Lu Boyan carried Su Jianan upstairs. He subconsciously wanted to send her back to her room, but was aware that Tang Yulan was following behind him. He had no choice but to carry Su Jianan back to his room., Tang Yulan helped Lu Boyan settle Su Jianan. Su Jianan seemed to be very familiar with the place. She wriggled into the blankets, turned over and hugged Lu Boyan’s pillow the moment she laid down. Tang Yulan was not suspicious at all, and would naturally not notice that there was not a single thing in the room that belonged to Su Jianan. She only thought of not disturbing Su Jianan’s sleep and pulled Lu Boyan down with her., Lu Boyan only asked then, “Mom, what are you doing here?”, Uncle Xu had mentioned that Lu Boyan and Su Jianan’s relationship had improved recently. Tang Yulan was skeptical, so she had come unannounced to check up on them. The scene she had seen earlier had made her believe what Uncle Xu said completely., Of course, Tang Yulan would not say all that. She took a sip of tea and said, “I came to tell you guys something. But since Jianan is asleep, let’s talk about it tomorrow.” She turned to look at Uncle Xu and said, “Have someone prepare a room. I shall not go home tonight.”, Uncle Xu went to prepare the room personally. Lu Boyan thought of Su Jianan who was in his room and frowned. “Mum, I’ll go and take a look at Jianan.”, He was afraid that Su Jianan would wake up suddenly and charge downstairs and ask him for an explanation. Everything would be over then. Not to mention that Tang Yulan would find out that they had been acting all this while, Tang Yulan might not be able to take such a blow., “Hold on.” Tang Yulan smiled and looked at her son. “First answer my question. Did you especially go to pick up Jianan?”, “Yes.” Even if he did not Lu Boyan could only admit it now., Tang Yulan smiled brilliantly, “Why would you think of picking her up? It’s not like she did not drive to work.”, Lu Boyan knew that he could not hide it from his mother and could only tell the truth. “She did not sleep at all last night, I was worried about her driving.”, “I know now. Go upstairs.” Tang Yulan took a sip of tea and smiled with satisfaction., Lu Boyan returned to his room. Su Jianan had kicked the blankets away but had not awakened. She hugged his pillow and slept deeply., She would not know even if she was being sold., He helped to cover her up with blankets and sat on the sofa not far away from the bed. He looked at Su Jianan who was sleeping deeply and fell into deep thoughts., Since she had long known that he had rushed down especially when she had been surrounded, then why had she not asked?, Or could it be that… she had been a smart arse and thought of an answer herself?, Lu Boyan sat there until the sky turned dark and Su Jianan kicked the blankets off several times. However, she showed no signs of waking up. Tang Yulan came to knock on the door and asked Lu Boyan to go down for dinner. He said, “Jianan still has not awakened.”, Tang Yulan peeked in at Su Jianan and smiled. “You don’t know about this, she’s probably going to sleep until tomorrow morning.”, Ever since Su Jianan’s mother passed away, Tang Yulan had stayed in contact with Su Jianan. Su Jianan would occasionally tell her about her work, so she knew a little about Su Jianan’s habits., Lu Boyan knew almost all the details of Su Jianan’s life except for how much she loved to sleep., She was going to sleep until tomorrow morning?, He anticipated her reaction when she woke up and discovered herself in his bed., Tang Yulan turned around to discover Lu Boyan smiling. It was a thoughtful and anticipatory smile. Lu Boyan’s father had also smiled like this while looking at her., She pulled on Lu Boyan’s hand and said, “I have never known why you refused to meet Jianan for so many years. But I know that it is not because you hate her.”, Lu Boyan’s steps paused. “Mum, there are some things that I cannot tell you now.”, “I know.” Tang Yulan naturally knew that Lu Boyan was hiding things from her. But she trusted her son unconditionally. “Tell me when you can. But promise me that for me, and for Jianan, that you won’t do anything silly because of your father’s death. I’ve already lost your father. I cannot lose you too. Also, you have Jianan now.”, “I know my limits.” Lu Boyan said. “Mum, you can rest assured.”, Tang Yulan clutched Lu Boyan’s hand tightly, but nodded in the end, and then released his hand slowly., She vaguely knew that perhaps that was the reason why Lu Boyan had refused to meet Su Jianan., But she also knew that if Lu Boyan really wanted to do that, nothing could stop him.

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