, The appearance of the serial killer had plunged the whole City A into a panic. However, the news of Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi spending four hours’ time being together had set the whole internet into boiling status, whose buzz popularity had surpassed that of the serial killer in City A once., It was strange that it had been obvious that Lu Boyan was a married man, but no one accused him of having an affair, there even was nobody criticizing Han Ruoxi for her being a mistress and breaking other people’s family apart., Once in a while, there existed some sober e-friends who would point this out amid a patter of support. Those Han Ruoxi’s devoted fans then would rush over like flood and demand that the remarks insulting their queen should be deleted. Their queen was indeed above being some one’s mistress or whatever. If the e-friends would not shut up, they would be threatened with getting their personal info, even the identity of their ancestors exposed online through human research engine., Why would the devoted fans be so ferocious?, They thought that fundamentally speaking, it indeed was Su Jianan who had torn Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi apart. In that sense, Su Jianan was actually the authentic mistress!, Now Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi ended up together, which was a natural consequence conforming to the law of nature and the opinion of the public. People who talked about being a mistress, having an affair or whatever were ordinary ones who knew nothing. Believe it or not that, they were going to be cut dead within any minutes!, In this way, gradually there only existed the voice of support and applause online., While when Shen Yuechuan, who was far away in New York, was browsing this trending hashtag, he laughed till his bowels were almost tied into a knot., It was also a pretty interesting thing to see these fans who had known nothing were experiencing climax after climax. However, if these fans had known that currently Lu Boyan’s attention was not focused on Han Ruoxi at all, they would have got their hearts of glass shattered and broken, wouldn’t they?, He looked at Lu Boyan who had been making calls. “Jianan was still not willing to pick up the calls?”, Lu Boyan replied with his eyebrows scowling deeply, “She had turned her mobile off.”, “You are doomed!” Shen Yuechuan indeed was not going to remind Lu Boyan that it might be possible that his continuous calling was the reason why Jianan’s mobile would be turned off. He took pleasure in Lu Boyan’s misfortune and said, “You don’t say anything when you go back. You just directly kneel on the washboard and beg for forgiveness. Maybe Jianan would overlook it for the sake of you being that sincere.”, Going back?, Among Shen Yuechuan’s that talk which was of superfluous words, only these two words were constructive., With his scowling eyebrows unfolded gradually, Lu Boyan looked at Shen Yuechuan slowly—, How well Shen Yuechuan had known Lu Boyan! He read through Lu Boyan’s thoughts with one second only and almost bounced off. “You should be calm. What I mean is that—You go back to look for Jianan after you have got the official business done here. We can get the contract done tomorrow, then we can fly back by the earliest flight on the early morning of the day after tomorrow. As for how important this time’s contract is to our company, you know it better than me. If you went back now, all the previous efforts would be wasted!”, No way could Lu Boyan wait for one more day. “Order the tickets of tomorrow evening. I leave upon signing the contract.”, Shen Yuechuan almost passed out., Lu Boyan had been compressing his itinerary for these several days. He would work almost all through the night this evening. If he rushed back upon getting the contract done tomorrow, it would mean that he actually had little time for rest., But he was indeed the Lu Boyan who could get anything done and who could stand up even the sky was tumbling down. No one could change the decisions which he had made., Shen Yuechuan had to make calls and told the local secretary to book the tickets., The sun at nine o’clock of New York City looked exactly like this modernized city, vibrant and vigorous, filled with ambition and lust. While for the domestic City A, it had already been filled with brightly lit lanterns. People in this city just got their own nightlife rolling., If at the time like this in previous days, there had been only the police staffs who were on the night shift in the police bureau. But for today, because of the serial killer who showed up all of a sudden, the whole Municipal Bureau was brightly lit. Everyone was busy seeking him out., Standing in front of the whiteboard of the meeting room, Su Jianan stared at the threads and threads of clues which she had written down and realized something all of a sudden. She took her coat and walked out of the meeting room hurriedly., “Jianan!” Captain Yan handed her a cup of coffee, “We are going to order the midnight snacks. Since you have eaten little over the whole day, you should eat some as well.”, “You order the food for me. Something lighter will suffice. I will finish them after I come back.”, She came back to her office, grabbed her car key and then walked outside. Captain Yan shouted behind her, “Where are you going?”, “I am going to the scene.”, She always felt that there must have existed some clues on the scene which were yet to be discovered. As long as she could find out a few more clues or whatever else, she could then figure out the murderer’s profile and help solve the case., She would not allow this perverted killer to slaughter other innocent lives., There existed some distance from the Municipal Bureau to Tianan Garden. Su Jianan was driving and squeezing through the dim light of night. Her mind which had been operating rapidly for the whole day finally could rest for a while., However, the gossip of Han Ruoxi and Lu Boyan seized every opportunity to creep into her mind. The pictures of then entangling together swept past her eyes one by one. It seemed that Han Ruoxi in the pictures had been enlivened and she was making fun of her at her own free will., “Boyan will divorce you two years later.”, “He is just acting together with you. Su Jianan, you have made his acting so tiresome…”, Su Jianan’s mind and attention were both greatly disturbed by these illusory voices. She did not even notice the red light and almost ran over it. Fortunately, she put on the brakes at the last moment. She did have avoided causing a traffic accident. But her chest was strained by the safety belt into stinging pain., The pain made her recover herself. Drinking up the coffee which Captain Yan had given, she speeded up and drove towards Tianan Garden., She could not think of the gossip of Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi anymore. She had to force herself to be immersed in her work with her whole heart and play games with the murderer, the same way as it had been in the daytime., The means which the murderer had adopted were too brutal. There had already been few people living in Block 16 of Tianan Garden. As for the 5th floor where the murder had taken place, it was totally deserted., The moment Su Jianan walked out of the elevator, she had sensed the deathly stillness permeated from the darkness. The atmosphere of the whole floor was so oppressive that people could not gather their breath. It seemed that a ferocious beast which had been hiding here was watching for the right moment to act. It would leap out with its bloody mouth at any time., She took a deep breath, turned on the corridor light, went through from under the police cordon and then entered Room 502., The room inside was pretty dark. The faint light projecting from the outside happened to be shining on the corpse outline drawn by chalk. The horrible sight of the victim lying there and being dismembered this morning popped up into Su Jianan’s mind. She seemed to scent out the thick smell of blood in the air., The curtain rustled in the wind, which was somewhat strange amind the still crime scene., Having been tampered into steel, Su Jianan was not affected by the surrounding at all. She put on her rubber gloves and turned on the light. As if never having been here before, she re-inspected the scene as well as made remarks on the notebook which she’d brought, without leaving any details out., The new discovery patched up by details and details were actually brand-new clues., A while later, she entered the victim’s room., She still remembered that the elder professor had ever said, how a room was decorated actually had reflected a person’s character out. She intended to seek out the reason why the victim had become the killing target of the killer from here., After observing for some time, Su Jianan had made pretty many notes. She pulled out a chair readily and sat before the table, flipping through the notes as well as performing an analysis., She was totally insensible. The shadows of danger were shrouding over., Till she had performed a lot of analysis, then she thought of the line—for ninety percent of the murderers, they all could not help themselves going back to the scene of the crime., Feeling chillness creeping upon her back, she lifted up her head and saw the shadow of a human cast on the wall., Instantly, it seemed that she had completely fallen into an ice house. Coldness crept over her whole body., That man was holding a knife. He lifted the knife up slowly and targeted right down at her…, Trying not to make herself tremble, she maintained her calmness toughly. At the moment when the murderer stabbed down mercilessly with the knife, she dodged nimbly, turned her back and saw right into the murderer’s eyes—, Those eyes were a pair of muddy ones which was filled with fierceness, cold and emotionless, as bloodthirsty as the vampires aspiring for the fresh blood in midnight., “How brave you are.” The murderer smiled gloomily, “You actually dare to come here on your own in the dead of night.”, “You are much braver.” Su Jianan replied with her unusual sober voice, “Not only do you dare to come back, but also you dare to live in this building.”, The instant when she turned around, she had already looked over the murderer from head to heels typically. He was wearing a suit of loose pajamas, a pair of woolen slipper. The corner of his mouth was even stained with the foam of the toothpaste. He actually came back to the scene of the crime in this look. Su Jianan could not think of a second possibility except the one that he was living right in this building., “How long have you been spotting this girl?” She asked, which actually was for buying more time., “For a long time.” The man cleansed the gleaming blade with the corner of his pajamas. The look on his face was rigid and cold. “Seeing her in and out on her own every day, I had intended to cut her open a long time ago.”, Su Jianan replied with her hands clenching tightly together soundlessly, “Since there was no grudge between you and she, why did you treat her that way?”, “Because I like it.” A quirky smile appeared on the corner of the man’s mouth. “Not only I have treated her that way, but also I am going to do the same to you!”, Even Su Jianan was flexible, she could not even steer by the pouncing of the man. Her hands were both captured by the man and put against the wall tightly. The chilling fear crept up from her back. She suddenly thought of Lu Boyan., If she were really killed today just like that, would he feel a bit heart-broken?, No, she did not even figure out clearly what it was going on between Han Ruoxi and him by asking him in person. She could not die!, As if having had herself fully recovered, Su Jianan started to think of how to escape alive. But the murderer had already seen her intention through from her both eyes., “You are the medical examiner of the Municipal Bureau. You know a little about Taekwondo and you minored in Criminal Psychology. I know it all.” The murderer fetched a rope and tied up Su Jianan’s both hands. “When I saw you this morning, I had already looked into you. You better not fiddle around now. Being a Black Belt of Taekwondo, I would take your arms off alive by accident.”, Believing that the man would fulfill what he had promised, Su Jianan finally could not control herself. Her hands were trembling slightly., The man’s knifepoint was idling around her face. “You are indeed of good-looking. If the knife were cut on your body, the relative patterns must be more beautiful than those of the other two girls. Their skin is not as smooth as yours.”, “Do you have any family members?” Su Jianan looked right at the man’s eyes and said, “If you dismembered me, definitely you would not run away with it. You would be sentenced to death, which was once and for all on your side of course. But what about your other family members who are still alive in this world? No one would call them by their names. Instead, people would point them out as ‘the family members of the perverted killer”. They would lose their job, friends and everything they have ever had.”, With his eyes turning hideous, the man said, “Shut up!”, “Not only have you killed two innocent lives, but also you have harmed your whole family in disguise!”, What Su Jianan said stabbed right at the man’s heart., Opening his eyes wide, the man stabbed downward ferociously with the knife in his hands—, Su Jianan had been intending to persuade him to turn himself in. But this man was past remedy., She backed away from the man’s knife. Her hands struggled continuously without breaking the rope successfully. Then the second cut from the man was already upon her., This time, she did not think that she would be fortunate to dodge away. And it was also not possible for Lu Boyan… to come to her rescue hurriedly., She so far had used up all the good luck of her entire life, hadn’t she?, Su Jianan was prepared to embrace the death, only to hear a familiar voice all of a sudden., “Jianan!”, It was Jiang Shaokai., The coming of Jiang Shaokai had distracted the man. Su Jianan backed herself away from his knife in a hurry and shouted at Jiang Shaokai, “Call the police!”, Jiang Shaokai smashed the alarm beside the door. With the alarm pealing out whiningly, the look of the man became more ferocious. He grasped Su Jianan by her wrist and pulled her down, with his elbows pounding at her hind neck mercilessly…, The dull pain came through. Su Jianan could not even utter any sound. She was tossed on the floor by the man. Her eyelids were becoming heavier and heavier…, The last scene she had seen was Jiang Shaokai wrangling together with the man., Though Jiang Shaokai did also know a little about the skills of self-defense. However, that man was a Black Belt of Taekwondo and his body was stronger than that of Jiang Shaokai for more than one fold…, Su Jianan closed her eyes amid all the concerns and lost her consciousness completely.

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