, New York, the US., Lu Boyan regarded himself as a working machine and dealt with the official business continuously. As his executive assistant, Shen Yuechuan had no choice but to also regard himself as a non-human at all and risked his own life accompanying his boss., Finally having earned himself 10 minutes’ time of coffee drinking, he took out his mobile and browsed the news, intending to have a look at to what extent had the buzz hashtag of #Han Ruoxi and Lu Boyan hanging together in the hotel for as long as 4 hours# been fermented into. He instead found out that the most popular buzz was not that topic but another one—, “F**k!”, Never had Shen Yuechuan been that scared and at a loss for many years. He rushed back to the office gallopingly and threw his mobile to Lu Boyan, “Read the news!”, Having thought it was a somewhat gossip, Lu Boyan glanced at it randomly, only to catch sight of the picture of Su Jianan., Tied to a chair, she had obviously passed out. Her head tilted towards one side. A gleaming knife was pointing against her cheek. The picture was subtitled with one line. “Tomorrow Noon, Live Streaming Dismembering This Beautiful Stunner, Onlookers Are Welcomed.”, Lu Boyan stood up abruptly. The standing up movement was so strong that he knocked out even his laptop, splitting it into halves., His hands were clenched into a fist. Blue veins stood out on the back of his hands. His long and narrow eyes were preparing a furious storm., Shen Yuechuan had not seen that terrible Lu Boyan for such a long time. He asked carefully, “What should we do? This perverted killer was much more horrible than Su Hongyuan.”, “Tell Wangyang to arrive at the airport within 30 minutes.”, The moment his tailing voice died away, Lu Boyan had already disappeared from the office before Shen Yuechuan completely realized it., Wangyang was the pilot of Lu Boyan’s private jet. And now he was asking Wangyang to arrive at the airport… Lu Boyan actually was going back home!?, But the contract could be signed right away and Lu Enterprises soon would also snatch the market of North America into its pocket. If he went back now, with numerous losses thus cause excluded temporarily, all the efforts they had done over these a few days would come to nothing!, However, when compared with the safety of Su Jianan, it was Shen Yuechuan’s firm belief that Lu Boyan had not ever intended to give it a damn at all., He had no choice but to call Wangyang and asked him to roll to the airport within 30 minutes, otherwise, he did not need to go back home anymore., While at this time, the domestic country was all raging, from reality to the virtual world., Early in the morning, there was someone making an announcement online all of a sudden that he was going to stream live dismembering a people, with a picture attached., Many people who went to bed later all noticed the announcement. At first, they all thought the blogger was just making jokes. However, they changed their thoughts after they saw the location of Room 502, Block 16 in Tianan Garden., That was exactly the place where the first murder case had happened!, Then somebody soon recognized the person in the picture was Su Jianan. Moreover, the police were also dispatched out for emergency, which had finally made them believe that what the announcement had said was true. Su Jianan had fallen into the hands of that perverted killer., Someone joked online. “Could the murderer be a fan of Han Ruoxi? Couldn’t he?”, While the police soon gave out the news that the murderer had injured and abducted two persons. One was Su Jianan and the other one was Jiang Shaokai., For these two, one was a respected Young Master of Jiang Family which was a great clan in A City and the other was Lu Boyan’s newly married wife. They were both not simple figures. So a lot of people stayed in front of the computer throughout the night. While for the account threatening to stream live dismembering Su Jianan, its followers had climbed rapidly from zero to hundreds of thousands. Moreover, the number was still rising continuously…, Numerous people were all waiting to see whether Su Jianan would be really murdered mercilessly or not. There even were some people declaring that they adored this murderer. They thought it was simply awesome of him to wipe Su Jianan out in this way and give Lu Boyan back to Han Ruoxi., Dawn was not yet approaching. The whole city plunged into an inexplicable panic. While for Tianan Garden, this whole residential quarter was brightly lit. Dozens of police cars were waiting downstairs. Among them, there were ordinary police officers who were equipped with guns as well as fully armed special police officers., The moment Captain Yan and the chief received the alarm, they had rushed to the scene rapidly. They were now lowering their heads and discussing the rescue plans. Intensive sweat oozed from Captain Yan’s forehead continuously. Due to the fact that Su Jianan and Jiang Shaokai were both under his charge, he had not in the least hoped that something would happen to them., The chief was more anxious. The first day when Jiang Shaokai came to the police bureau and reported for duty, his father had already given him a notice in advance secretly, let alone Su Jianan. Now, these two met with the mishap. Whatever it was for them or for the safety of this city, he would definitely must take the murderer into custody., Imposing restlessness was shrouding over the whole Tianan Garden deeply. But Su Jianan and Jiang Shaokai were both insensible., After Su Jianan passed out, Jiang Shaokai was also knocked out soon. They were both tied to the chairs and recovered their consciousness one after another till the broad daylight., They were imprisoned in a room, where the windows were closed tightly and all were dark within., Struggling for once, Jiang Shaokai found out that there was no way he could break away from the rope quickly. He smiled, “When I was little, I was abducted by people who chose the sideways to blackmail my father. Now I am abducted by a perverted killer. I have not lived in vain.”, The back side of Su Jianan’s head was still aching. She could not even exert her strength while talking. “Jiang Shaokai, why did you come here last night?”, “Captain Yan told me that you were alone in the crime scene. Worrying that you would feel scared, so I came to look for you here.” Jiang Shaokai let out a sigh regretfully. “I had never expected that I would have run into this bastard. I should have followed the vice squad for practice and exercising at usual time. Even I could not beat the bastard down, at least I could let you get away with it.”, It took Su Jianan a while to finally reply. “Jiang Shaokai, I am sorry. If you had not come to look for me, you would not have been abducted.”, “You don’t need to apologize to him.” From the other side of the corner came the murderer’s voice. “I am not interested in men. I won’t touch him.”, Jiang Shaokai followed the sounds and looked over. Finally, he saw clearly the profile of the murderer amid the darkness. “What F**kingly do you want to do?”, The murderer smiled. “You like this girl, don’t you?”, “It is normal that I like whichever girl.” Even tied up, Jiang Shaokai sat in a way as if he were a boss. “While for you, would you stop being that perverted?”, “When you came in yesterday, you had seen how the girl had died, had not you?” That man walked to the front of Jiang Shaokai and pinched Su Jianan’s chin. He said, “She will become the same this afternoon. You think I am perverted, don’t you? Then I will let you appreciate that throughout the whole journey. Oh, along with the online e-friends.”, “Let her go!” Jiang Shaokai kicked over one-legged, “Are you a man or not?”, While the murderer did not allow himself to be pushed around. He stepped on Jiang Shaokai’s feet mercilessly and rolling them over at full tilt. Jiang Shaokai was so painful that he had intended to curse, but he bravely refrained himself with his teeth clenching. “Since you are in A City, then you should know Lu Boyan. She is Lu Boyan’s wife. If you harmed her, do you think you could still live on?”, “The moment when I abducted you two, I had not intended to live on.” That man touched Su Jianan’s face. “So you are very lucky. At least, I will accompany you to death.”, Jiang Shaokai strongly believed that this man was completely a freak both psychologically and physically. He could only place their hope on Captain Yan and his people. He gave Su Jianan a glance and said, “Don’t be afraid.”, Su Jianan got Jiang Shaokai’s point. The back side of her head was also not that aching. She nodded., The murderer understood what they were talking about and laughed loudly. “From the main gate to every pair of windows which were various sizes, whatever big or small, I have all loaded them with bombs. If the police intruded by force, I could not promise that they would go back alive.” “What’s more, I have warned them, as long as I hear the sound of bombing, I will kill you both. If they behaved much better, Jiang Shaokai would still go back alive.”, “If it is only me that you want,” Su Jianan asked, “Then why don’t you let Jiang Shaokai go? I am not a match for you. But it will be difficult to tell since he is a man. Let him go and you do not need to look out for him. Then you can be fully dedicated while dismembering me.”, “Su Jianan!” Jiang Shaokai was exasperated. “You shut up!”, At a time like this, how was it possible that he would abandon Su Jianan and leave on his own? In any case, they had been experimental partners for six years, had not they?, “I am almost touched.” That man clapped his hands, walked to the front of Su Jianan and bent over to draw closer to her. “But I won’t let him go. Moreover, I would like him to be the only audience witnessing my live streaming. As for you, you just wait quietly till the upcoming of 12 o’clock.”, Su Jianan was silent and glanced at the time. It was already past nine o’clock., There were still more than two hours left. She would either die or become the third girl dismembered by the perverted killer., For no reason at all, Lu Boyan’s face flashed across her mind again., Had he known?, Could it be possible that he would feel a bit concerned and anxious for her?, She knew none. The only thing that she could make sure was that Su Yicheng must have been petrified with worry. She smiled, “Jiang Shaokai, if I really died today, you would help me forward these words to my brother. Don’t be too sad. I am just going to look for my mother.”, “You have nothing to say to Lu Boyan?” Jiang Shaokai asked., She did have., There was one line which Su Jianan had been planning to say to Lu Boyan for more than ten years., While for now, it was not necessary to get it done., “Then what about me?” Jiang Shaokai tilted his head and looked at her, “You even have nothing to say to me?”, “Thank you.” Su Jianan smiled, “During my college years and the time when I was in the US, you had done me a lot of great favors. I offer you my thanks sincerely.”, CoverIng up his petty actions behind his back, Jiang Shaokai also smiled, “Saying thanks is pretty cheap!”, He gave Su Jianan a look quietly., Su Jianan noticed Jiang Shaokai’s action out of their mutual understanding. She covered up the disturbing in her heart and continued to talk with Jiang Shaokai about some irrelevant things, in order to divert the murderer’s attention., That man sat in the corner while holding a gun. Most of his attention was on the ongoings outside the door. He heard that what Su Jianan and Jiang Shaokai had been talking about were all nonnutritive things. He then did not pay much attention to them., This was what Jiang Shaokai had wanted. He stared at Su Jianan smilingly and continued to talk nonsense. “In your opinion, what is Lu Boyan doing now?”, Su Jianan was at a loss. “I do not even have the far-sighted eyes to pierce through the wall and watch over the US. How can I know?”, Jiang Shaokai moved the tip of his brows a bit— the whole thing must have caused great sensations. Lu Boyan may not necessarily to be still in the US., While Lu Boyan was on the plane., Wangyang told him that they could not go back to A City till at least 11 o’clock., Now it was 10 o’clock. Su Jianan and Jiang Shaokai were still trapped in the murder crime scene. The police could not find any break-through point to rescue them. His people were also not in a convenient position to act., People all thought that Su Jianan would not survive the accident this time. Numerous people online were waiting for live streaming., Lu Boyan had not rested well for a few consecutive days. A look of deep fatigue appeared between his forehead. However, he could not rest. He had intended to risk everything time after time, even if that meant he would get his own identity exposed., But he finally got into contact with Mu Sijue at first., “No!” Mu Sijue refused, “Yes, it is right that if we let them go and rescue Jianan back. But there will be great disasters waiting for you ahead. I will not let you risk yourself until the last moment. Jianan is smart. While for the boy of the Jiang Family, though foppish, he is definitely not one who can be easily dealt with. Even if the police could not save them, maybe they can save themselves.”, “I don’t want her to get hurt.”, “I know it.” Mu Sijue finally made a concession. “I promise you, I will send them over to wait for my order. If there were still no movements till the last moment, they would definitely enter and rescue them. But before that, you can’t take any risk, which is also to put yourself in her shoes!”, Lu Boyan hung up the phone, drank up the coffee in front of him and ordered Wangyang to go back to the Municipal Bureau where the parking apron for plane parking was available straightly. While the airport was located in the suburbs, which would cost them too much time from there to Tianan Garden., “OK!”, Wangyang contacted people in the Municipal Bureau right away., Over 11 o’clock, a private jet growled above the sky of the Municipal Bureau and landed upon the parking apron slowly. Parking among the several black helicopters designed for police use, the white private jet looked somewhat incongruous., The driver had already driven the car over to wait for Lu Boyan’s arrival. The moment Lu Boyan took off the plane, he got on the car immediately and rushed towards Tianan Garden straightly., Mu Sijue had told him not to risk himself., But to him, losing Su Jianan was actually the only risk that he could not take in his life.

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