, Just as Su Jianan was worrying about it, Lu Boyan appeared beside her without any warning. She was shocked and asked, “What are you doing here?”, Lu Boyan’s handsome brows frowned slightly and he asked, “Should I not be here?”, Su Jianan pointed at the entrance and replied. “I heard your girlfriend is coming soon, aren’t you going to meet her secretly?”, Lu Boyan narrowed his eyes and suddenly flicked his finger on Su Jianan’s forehead., “Ouch—” Su Jianan held her forehead and looked at Lu Boyan incredulously. “That hurt!”, “Hurting’s right.” Lu Boyan said nonchalantly. “Come with me.”, Su Jianan pouted and held Lu Boyan’s hand unwillingly., Just then, Chen Xuanxuan walked toward Su Jianan. She scanned Su Jianan from head to toe with a proud and picky gaze. Then, she said, “Brother Boyan, is this your wife? I heard Auntie Tang say that she’s a medical examiner?”, Chen Xuanxuan looked at Su Jianan proudly. “Ah, Brother Boyan is the CEO of Lu Enterprises. You’re a medical examiner, don’t you think you’re not worthy of him?”, It was obvious that no one knew that the second young lady of the Su Family who rarely appeared at society events, was a medical examiner. The conversations suddenly switched directions., “Su Jianan is a medical examiner! Isn’t she the young lady of the Su Family? And she has such a capable brother that’s Su Yicheng. Why did she become a medical examiner?”, “But, a woman who dares to become a medical examiner… is so cool!”, “But a medical examiner… is indeed not worthy of Lu Boyan. Look at her disposition, I thought she was in the art industry…”, …, Su Jianan sighed silently. Chen Xuanxuan was indeed very capable., If Han Ruoxi was coming today as well, then she and Han Ruoxi had to fight no matter above or below ground. But Han Ruoxi had not yet appeared, and she had already been pushed to the edge by Chen Xuanxuan., Chen Xuanxuan was waiting for her to flee in distress so that Lu Boyan could return to Han Ruoxi, right?, Hehe!, Su Jianan ignored Chen Xuanxuan. She turned and held Lu Boyan’s arm and leaned against him intimately. She said, in a rather indignant tone, “Hubby, so you mind very much that I am a medical examiner?”, Lu Boyan narrowed his eyes at Su Jianan., Shouldn’t she counterattack after being attacked by Chen Xuanxuan? Why was she bothering him? He did not believe that Su Jianan cared how he viewed her job., Lu Boyan was hesitating?, Su Jianan suddenly smiled. She stood on her toes and whispered in Lu Boyan’s ears., To others, it looked like Su Jianan was whispering sweet nothings to Lu Boyan. But only Lu Boyan knew that Su Jianan was threatening him!, “If you don’t help me, I’ll tell auntie that you let Han Ruoxi’s friend bully me! We’ll see how auntie will take care of you!”, If she defended her own profession against Chen Xuanxuan, it would not be pretty even if she won. But if Lu Boyan spoke up for her then, they would win with minimal effort and it would be even more powerful., A dangerous glint appeared in Lu Boyan’s eyes. Su Jianan smiled brilliantly and harmlessly. Those not in the know would not be able to imagine that the little girl was threatening him earlier., He squeezed Su Jianan’s waist tightly, and looked at her lovingly. “Why would I mind your job? All is good as long as you’re happy.”, “Really?” Su Jianan’s lively eyes were filled with surprise. She “couldn’t help but” tiptoe and kissed Lu Boyan’s cheek. “Hubby, you’re great.”, Lu Boyan’s body felt as if he had been electrified. He stiffed for a second., Her lips were as soft as jelly and her breath was warm. She smelt like camellias… That soft kiss almost caused him to break down., Luckily, Lu Boyan was very experienced and he quickly came back to his senses. He smiled at Su Jianan dotingly, and Su Jianan’s smile grew more blissful., Su Jianan had ignored Chen Xuanxuan’s provocation and contempt for her through it all. Lu Boyan’s statement also showed that he did not care about Su Jianan’s job. It instantly made Chen Xuanxuan’s nitpicking and contempt extremely redundant and stupid., Even her husband did not care, what was she making a fuss about?, Chen Xuanxuan had come down menacingly, wanting to embarrass Su Jianan. She had not expected that she would be the one embarrassed, and her expression instantly grew awkward., But Su Jianan did not intend to let her off so easily., Su Jianan looked at Chen Xuanxuan with an expression that looked as if she had just been roused from a state of bliss. She said, “Oh right, Miss Chen, what were you saying?”, Chen Xuanxuan glared at Su Jianan. She gritted her teeth and said, “Su Jianan, what are you trying to do!”, Su Jianan smiled and said, “Why don’t you ask yourself?” It meant that Chen Xuanxuan did not have the right to talk about her matters., “You…” Chen Xuanxuan was so angry she could not say a single word., Just then, there was another bustle of activity. From what the crowds were talking about, Han Ruoxi was finally here., Han Ruoxi could be described as dressing to the nines. She wore a red bandage dress, showing off her curvaceous figure. Her curled hair was carefully styled and her makeup was flawless. She was so beautiful, kings would wage wars for her., She was just like her on the screen. She was elegant and confident. She shone brightly, and no one could resist her., Su Jianan thought tiredly, that this was really troublesome. She had only just gotten rid of a Chen Xuanxuan, and another high-level monster appeared. Was she really trying to level up?

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